"It sort of summed it up for me because I felt like a zoo animal," Jennie Garth recalls of her early fame, along with Tori Spelling on this week's episode of the PEOPLE in the '90s podcast

Jennie Garth has experienced some surreal moments since she was catapulted to fame with the most iconic show of the '90s.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 star, 49, appears along with with Tori Spelling on this week's episode of the PEOPLE in the '90s podcast, where she recounts being put in an animal cage with her late costar Luke Perry to escape the show's passionate fans at a zoo in Fresno, California, on Earth Day in 1991.

"And it sort of summed it up for me because I felt like a zoo animal," Garth tells PEOPLE in the '90s hosts Jason Sheeler and Andrea Lavinthal. "It was just weird. And then it got too crazy, and people were rushing the zoo cages. And we had to go out through one of the enclosures of the animals — I don't remember, the monkeys or something — but I just remember them actually putting us in a cage at the zoo. And I was like, 'This feels good.' "

She calls it "one of the pivotal moments" in realizing they'd become famous, but Spelling, 48, mostly remembers girls going crazy for their male costars, which included Perry, Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestley and Ian Ziering.

Credit: Jennie Garth/Instagram

"I guess when everyone started fanning out over us, mostly we remember the boys, they would go crazy for the boys," says Spelling. "And we were like, 'They're dreamy, but we are with them every day.' So it was very different to see how girls would freak out."

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In the podcast, Spelling and Garth flip through the pages of PEOPLE's Sept. 9, 1991 issue which featured the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 as "TV's Hottest Teens." The actors discuss their onscreen and offscreen friendship and reminisce about the most iconic teen drama ever.

"The whole thing is a little bit of a blur," says Spelling. "We were in our late teens and then friends started going off to college and going to parties and we just lived it on TV. And it was like, we were working really, really hard, but I think it was great. It really set us up for life. We're super driven because of it."

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They also chat about the seminal 1993 episode "Donna Martin Graduates," who sends the dirty memes on the cast's group text chain, who's still a "Brenda" IRL and the '90s phenomenon of every hot actor and actress using three names.

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