Jenni 'JWoww' Farley and Roger Mathews' Relationship: A Look Back

From finding love at the Shore to alleged abuse, here's a look back at Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Roger Mathews' relationship.

Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Roger Mathews were together eight years before their relationship ended in divorce. The former couple started dating in 2010 after initially meeting in 2009 while Farley was on set filming season 1 of Jersey Shore. The two were married by October 2015.

Farley and Mathews have two children together, Greyson Valor and Meilani Alexandra, and would frequently share photos of their family on social media. Co-parenting appeared to be a priority for Farley and Mathews even after their divorce filing in September 2018. Although Farley and Mathews continued to spend time together as a family — even celebrating their third wedding anniversary in October 2018 — the relationship quickly took a turn in December 2018 when Farley filed for a restraining order against Mathews.

Farley started speaking out publicly about their divorce, including on Jan. 30, 2019, when she made a lengthy post on her personal website alleging that Mathews' side of the story was a lie. On January 31, Mathews denied Farley's claims in an Instagram video. Farley then revealed in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE in February 2019 why she chose to speak out against her estranged husband.

"In light of the recent accusations, I would like to clarify one point: I did not post the message to Roger to cause him any upset," Farley said. "My intention was to protect our children and to liberate myself from all of the pain I had endured for so many years, to finally be free from the abuse and now look into the future more positively for the sake of the kids."

Their divorce was finalized nearly a year after filing in August 2019. From finding love at the shore to the alleged abuse, here's a look back at Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Roger Mathews' relationship.

August 2009: Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews meet in Seaside Heights, New Jersey

MTV's Jersey Shore Star Jwoww Will Beat The Beat At Jet Nightclub
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The pair first began dating in 2010 after meeting in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, while Farley was filming the first season of Jersey Shore.

In an interview with Zap2it in 2013, Farley admitted that when they first met, Mathews didn't make the biggest impression: He was just "one of the faces in the crowd, like, 'What's up, hi, goodbye,' " she said.

September 2012: Roger Mathews proposes to Jenni Farley

After over two years of dating, Mathews popped the question after the couple went skydiving, presenting the star with a pink-and-white diamond engagement ring. At the time, Farley was filming her MTV spin-off, Snooki & JWoww.

"[Roger's] dad is dying for us to get married," Farley told PEOPLE just a few months before Mathews proposed. "He wants grandchildren. He texts me almost every day for that."

"There's no rush, no trophy for being first. But do we want to get married? Oh yeah. Absolutely," Mathews remarked.

"I just want a big ring," Farley added. "That's all I care about — a big ring."

July 13, 2014: Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews welcome their first child

A year and a half after the couple got engaged, they welcomed their first child together, daughter Meilani Alexandra.

"She is here! 7 lbs., 13 oz. Words can't describe what looking into your child's eyes can do to you. I'm humbled," Mathews announced via Twitter.

"Jenni and Roger are so excited to welcome the newest guidette to the world," Farley's rep told PEOPLE at the time. "Meilani and her parents are doing great and are happy and healthy. Meilani is already looking to trade her baby bottle for barbells."

October 18, 2015: Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews tie the knot

The duo tied the knot in October 2015 after nearly five years together in front of a group of family and friends that included her Jersey Shore costars Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Pauly "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio, as well as Bachelorette alums Trista and Ryan Sutter.

"Our wedding was everything we could have dreamed of and more," Farley told PEOPLE at the time. "It's hard for me to determine which was my most favorite moment because there were so many WOW factors to our wedding."

And while the couple was surrounded by their closest friends and family members, they decided to make one more happy announcement: They were expecting baby number two.

May 5, 2016: Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews welcome their second child

The couple's second child, son Greyson Valor Mathews, arrived on May 5, 2016.

"So blessed to welcome our precious son," Farley wrote on Instagram. "He arrived healthy at 6:03pm tonight and the most beautiful part is Roger got to deliver him with our doctor. Our family is complete!"

Added Mathews, "What an amazing experience to literally witness the miracle of life from the very onset. He's our little man, our perfect bundle of joy, the baby brother to an anxious little girl ready to met her Bubba. What a ride this this thing called life is ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for the love and support for our newest chapter. We are blessed and we pray health and happiness finds you in reading this."

September 12, 2018: Jenni Farley files for divorce from Roger Mathews

Little Dreams Foundation Gala, Miami Beach, USA - 09 Dec 2017
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A month before the couple's third wedding anniversary, the Asbury Park Press reported that Farley had filed for divorce from Mathews on Sept. 12, 2018.

"The Plaintiff and the Defendant have irreconcilable differences which have caused the breakdown of the marriage for a period of at least six months which make it appear that the marriage should be dissolved and that there is no prospect of reconciliation," Farley's complaint stated.

Two days after Farley filed for divorce, Mathews posted a message that seemingly addressed Farley's filing on Instagram. He wrote: "Sometimes we must find ourselves within ourselves. Finding yourself doesn't mean you're a bad person. It means coming to terms with shortcomings within yourself for the greater good. Not just the greater good of yourself. The greater good of those you care the most about."

Mathews continued, "Takes a lot of vulnerability and being able to accept shortcomings and that you were wrong even if your heart was in the right place. I still like me, just need to be a better me cause it ain't just about me. Time. It's the one thing we can't get back. I've squandered some. Crawling into a hole or feeling bad for yourself never fixed s— …"

September 27, 2018: Roger Mathews says he is "not done fighting" for marriage with Jenni Farley on Instagram

Just hours after news broke that Farley had filed for divorce, Mathews turned to Instagram to explain what happened and promised he was "not done fighting" for his marriage.

"My wife filed for divorce, it's true," he said in the emotional video. "I don't blame her. There's no cheating or any dumb s--- or any juicy details. She just grew tired of the repetitive pattern that we fell into… and [it was] not a good one."

"Here's what's also true: I'm not done fighting," he added. "I'm gonna win my wife back; I'm gonna win her affection back; I'm gonna win her love back. I have no intentions of being a single dad. We're in counseling, so there is hope."

Two days later, Mathews posted a cryptic message on Instagram, writing, "Sometimes we must find ourselves within ourselves. Finding yourself doesn't mean you're a bad person. It means coming to terms with shortcomings within yourself for the greater good. Not just the greater good of yourself. The greater good of those you care the most about."

"Takes a lot of vulnerability and being able to accept shortcomings and that you were wrong even if your heart was in the right place. I still like me, just need to be a better me cause it ain't just about me. Time. It's the one thing we can't get back. I've squandered some. Crawling into a hole or feeling bad for yourself never fixed s---…"

September 30, 2018: Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews take their daughter to a show

Just two weeks after Farley filed for divorce from Mathews, the estranged spouses both posted photos to their respective Instagram accounts posing with their daughter Meilani Alexandra and a friend at the Disney Junior Dance Party on Tour.

Mathews gave credit to Farley for organizing the outing in his caption. "Good day with the Disney JR squad. Thanks Mom for putting it together," he wrote.

October 14, 2018: Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews celebrate their wedding anniversary

Mathews made good on his promise that he was "not done fighting" for his marriage when he and Farley celebrated their third wedding anniversary. Their romantic night out included a fancy dinner and a surprise horse-drawn carriage ride.

In a video recording of the romantic surprise that Mathews posted to Instagram, Farley asked, "Is that for us?"

"Your chariot awaits," Mathews answered, causing Farley to laugh. Later, Mathews handed Farley a large bouquet.

"It all started with a smile," Mathews captioned the sweet video.

December 2018: Jenni Farley files a restraining order against Roger Mathews

MTV's "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" New York Premiere Party
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In the wake of the split, the exes continued to spend time together as a family, even celebrating their three-year wedding anniversary in October and dressing up in matching costumes for Halloween. But in December, Farley filed a restraining order against her estranged husband after the two got into an argument.

In a series of videos posted on Instagram on December 14, including several filmed in the back of a police car, Mathews alleged Farley was "hysterically shouting" at him and threatened to call the cops while they were fighting about her going back to work. Mathews said he called the police himself and after they left, he went out to record a podcast with a friend, then returned home and went to sleep without interacting with Farley. He alleges that he was woken up by police at 2 a.m. and removed from his home after being informed that Farley had contacted the judge and filed a restraining order against him.

Mathews also accused her of using their children as "pawns" and claimed Farley agreed to discuss their divorce on the upcoming season of Jersey Shore for an additional $70,000. (MTV did not respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.)

Farley responded via a statement from her rep posted on Instagram:

"While Jenni has refrained from making any public statements relating to her impending divorce, in light of recent events we have decided to make an official statement. Certain events transpired last night which lead [sic] Jenni to involve the authorities, as she felt it was in her best interests, and the best interests of her children to do so. Any statements and social media posts depicting anything to the contrary are entirely false, misleading and intentionally designed to cast Jenni in a negative light."

"She is proud to be a hardworking parent who provides for her children," the statement continues. "While we have chosen not to comment further, we will note that a judge immediately ruled in Jenni's favor and issued a temporary order of protection last night. Please respect Jenni's decision for privacy in an effort to protect herself and her children during this time."

A spokesperson for the Toms River Police Department also confirmed the news to PEOPLE, stating that police were dispatched to the couple's home at approximately 1 a.m. "for a civil matter."

"Mr. Mathews was served with a Temporary Restraining Order and provided transportation to another location," said the spokesperson.

According to the police report obtained by PEOPLE, Farley told officers that Mathews called her a "piece of s— mother" and was threatening to post videos of her on the internet to "show everyone what a terrible mother she is." She alleged that Mathews "frequently records her with his cell phone, threatening to post it to the internet," according to the report.

According to the report, Farley told officers she did not wish to seek a temporary restraining order and Mathews left the residence, announcing that he would be returning later that night. Shortly afterward, the officers were dispatched back to the home, where Farley "stated that she had changed her mind about seeking a temporary restraining order, and now wished to obtain one."

January 2019: Jenni Farley speaks out on Roger Mathews' social media claims

In a lengthy statement posted to her website on January 30, Farley alleged that what Mathews presents on social media is a lie.

"Your postings are consumed with inaccuracies, false statements, self-serving comments, outright misrepresentations and blatant lies," Farley wrote.

She then referenced an alleged incident in which Mathews allegedly gave Greyson, who is highly allergic to gluten and dairy, pizza. "When I asked you about the food situation, you chose to berate me instead of acknowledging that Greyson's health is of paramount concern," she said. "You hurt the children and you hurt me. When will it end?"

The reality star also accused Mathews of having a video of her that he intended to use as blackmail against her after Farley's restraining order filing. Despite the alleged incidents, Farley said she did her best to put on a brave face for their children and to let them know that she and Mathews are a unit.

"I clearly thought of us co-parenting well into the future as responsible parents should," she said.

She concluded her statement with a message to victims of domestic violence.

"So many of you may be understandably afraid to come forward, and have been stuck in abusive relationships for far too long just as I have been. If anyone is feeling down, broken, hurt or lost, please know that it is not your fault."

February 2, 2019: Roger Mathews denies Jenni Farley’s abuse allegations

In response to Farley's website post on Jan. 30, Mathews issued a statement on his website denying the allegations made by his estranged wife.

"I am extremely saddened. Saddened, as I lay here next to both of our children, that we could not have found a better way to handle our differences. You and your post have made me a monster," Mathews wrote in the lengthy statement.

Addressing the video Farley posted of Mathews seemingly shoving a woman, presumably Farley, to the ground in the kitchen of a home, he wrote, "I take responsibility for that night in question, and one other night that I can think of that I pushed you."

Mathews also claimed Farley edited the video to remove proof of her own "violent behavior."

"I want to say right here, and right now, that did not give me the right to push you, and for that, I am sorry, and I apologized at the time, too," he continued. "I am not this monster you paint me to be. I repeat, you have never once ever conveyed to anyone I was ever physical in any way to you. I'm confident you could find a few people now that will claim you did, but it would be because you asked them to lie for you."

After addressing Farley's accusations, Mathews concluded his statement by asking her to seek help with him. "Please, let's stop the madness," he added. "Let's both get help. For our children. We owe them that. I am not an abuser, Jenni, and you know it. Let's make the necessary changes for our children. I will, if you will. I want you to be happy, and I deserve to be happy as well. Happy parents make for happy kids. We owe them this. I be willing to give you a hug at the end of the day today as a truce offering."

April 6, 2019: Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews take their kids on an Easter outing

Two months after accusing each other of abuse on their personal websites, Farley and Mathews reunited to bring daughter Meilani and son Greyson on the Easter Bunny Express train in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Mathews shared photos on Instagram showing the kids enjoying Easter candy and meeting with the Easter Bunny.

April 21, 2019: Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews celebrate Easter with their children

Jenni "Jwow" Farley and Roger Matthews with their kids on Easter
Roger Matthews Instagram

The estranged couple put their differences aside to celebrate Easter with daughter Meilani and son Greyson. Farley posted photos from the day on Instagram, including her and Mathews posing with their kids.

Mathews also posted photos and videos from the day on his Instagram. "Beautiful family Easter Day," he wrote in the caption.

April 28, 2019: Jenni Farley accuses Roger Mathews of leaving their children at home to go party

One week after Farley and Mathews celebrated Easter together, Farley accused Mathews of leaving their children with someone else so he could "rage during HIS time" in a since-deleted Instagram Story post.

The day before, Mathews posted a video on Instagram showing him in a car with friends. "Had this night planned for a few months now," he wrote in the caption. "Kids are enjoying a sleepover with my best friends' kids."

Mathews also called it a "rare dad night out" in the caption.

May 27, 2019: Roger Mathews defends his and Jenni Farley’s parenting decisions

Roger Matthews and Jenni JWOWW Farley attend DreamWorks Trolls The Experience Rainbow Carpet Grand Opening on November 14, 2018 in New York City
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Upon receiving negative comments about their parenting styles from followers on social media, Mathews took to Instagram to defend himself and his estranged wife on Memorial Day.

"Happy Memorial Day everyone. There seems to be an overflow of negative comments both toward me and toward Jenni on many of my posts still," he wrote. "I'm a big boy and a proud supporter of free speech, I can take it. Jenni also has tough skin and can take it however the comments as to who the better parent is, or who spends more time our children are unnecessary."

"We both love our children emphatically and always will," he added. "It takes far more effort and energy to be negative than it does to be positive. Enjoy this beautiful day."

July 13, 2019: Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews celebrate their daughter’s fifth birthday

Farley and Mathews threw their daughter, Meilani, a party for her fifth birthday. Farley's boyfriend, Zack Clayton Carpinello, also attended.

In a video that Farley shared on Instagram, Mathews sat at a table with Greyson on his lap and Meilani in another chair as Farley carried a cake out while singing "Happy Birthday."

"Happy birthday baby girl 🎉🎉🎉 @meilanimathews 🎉🥰🥰🎉🥰 @confectionsofarockstar you did it again 🧜‍♀️," Farley captioned her slideshow, which also included a close-up of Meilani's mermaid cake.

August 29, 2019: Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews finalize their divorce

Nearly a year after their September 2018 filings, Farley and Mathews reached a settlement in their divorce.

"Jenni and Roger have reached an amicable conclusion and finalized their divorce," Farley's rep said in a statement. "They remain devoted to co-parenting their children in a happy and healthy environment and they both wish each other the best."

On an October 2019 episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Farley addressed her divorce.

"I'm going through it with the divorce," she said. "It's been almost a year since I filed. When you get divorced, you're supposed to be celebrating and start a new chapter, but it's really heartbreaking. And it's stressful, the up and down battle of figuring out custody issues. I just don't know when it gets better."

If you suspect domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or go All calls are toll-free and confidential. The hotline is available 24/7 in more than 170 languages.

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