Jenni 'JWoww' Farley's Boyfriend Would 'Love for Her to Be' in Professional Wrestling with Him

PEOPLE confirmed the Jersey Shore star was dating Zack Clayton Carpinello in April

Photo: KCR/REX/Shutterstock

Jenni “JWoww” Farley has certainly had her fair share of fights on TV, but she doesn’t want to make a living from it.

On Saturday, the mother of two, 33, was in Las Vegas with her professional wrestler boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello, 24, to attend the premiere event for All Elite Wrestling. But, the Jersey Shore star wasn’t there to pick up tips.

“Hell no,” she said in no uncertain terms when asked if she plans to become a professional wrestler.

Carpinello, however, wouldn’t mind if she reconsidered.

“I would love her too. I would love for her to be out there with me,” he told PEOPLE. “You know it would be great.”

Farley, who PEOPLE confirmed was dating Carpinello in April, isn’t so sure.

“I love what you do because I can’t,” she told him while on a red carpet. “I can do reality all day, but with all those people staring and you have to put on a presentation, hell no. I’d be in the corner crying, sucking my thumb. I can’t do it.”

That’s not to say she’s not physically fit enough.

In fact, she said Carpinello is making her more knowledgeable about fitness. “He’s all about it in a sense of he knows the anatomy,” she said. “He knows every piece and how it’s supposed to work properly, so when we working out, he corrects and compliments me. When we work out and he does stuff, he’s shocked that I do stuff, too.”

Carpinello teased, “We going to spend a lot more time working out together soon.”

In addition to the attending the sold-out wrestling event at MGM Grand, Farley and Carpinello made their red carpet debut as a couple at Hakkasan on Saturday.

Incidentally, while at the nightclub, JWoww donned a beige dress, something she wasn’t wearing earlier in the evening at the wrestling event. She changed, she said, she and her man got “covered in blood” from one of the matches. That, she said, is one reason why she couldn’t ever wrestle.

Carpinello, however, used that as a sales pitch to get her in the ring, saying, “Or, you can make people bleed, and that’s more fun.”

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