Jenelle Evans Risked Being Shot in Road Rage Incident as Other Driver Reveals He Was Also Armed

Jenelle Evans road rage incident could have easily turned deadly, the other driver reveals

Jenelle Evans‘ road rage incident could have easily turned deadly, the other driver reveals.

The Teen Mom 2 star pulled her gun after a driver left her furious for tailgating her on the highway, footage of which was revealed on the MTV show Monday.

The star 26, followed the other driver, Robert Robinson, Jr., to his home and began to take photos of him and his vehicle after the incident. The mother of three, who was in the car with her 8-year-old son Jace, pulled out her gun as she approached the house.

The incident escalated with Evans accidentally backing into Robinson Jr.’s mailbox, which caused him to follow her back onto the main road in his own car.

Robinson Jr. told TMZ that Evans was lucky to be alive as he alerted his neighbors when he saw her coming toward his house, and they were all allegedly armed.

He told the outlet he also kept a gun in his truck — which he claimed he only pulls out to protect himself — but he didn’t take it out once he saw Evans’ son in the car with her.

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On Monday night’s episode of the popular MTV series, Evans grew furious when Robinson Jr. tailgated her in the highway, only to pass her and slam on his brakes once he was in front of her vehicle.

As he took an exit ramp, Evans chose to follow him to his home where the incident ensued. At one point, she unbuckled her seat belt, leaned forward and pulled out a small handgun as Jace watched.

She unintentionally backed into the man’s mailbox, causing him to yell at her, although what he specifically said was not audible.

The incident escalated as the driver got back into his car and began to block Evans’ car from leaving.

“Dude, he just hit my car! Babe, he just hit my f—— car!” she yelled at Eason who was still on speakerphone as she attempted to drive off.

“Dude, leave me alone!” she said as she pulled out her firearm. (While MTV cameras did not show Evans brandishing the handgun, they did show a black screen reading, “At this point, Jenelle pulled out her firearm.”)


Evans did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

The incident took place on April 26 and neither driver was charged at the time.

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North Carolina State Highway Patrol told PEOPLE on Tuesday that they are not reopening the investigation.

“A request by our member to view the video footage from the personal owned video recording devises was never fulfilled by the involved parties,” a Public Information officer for North Carolina State Highway Patrol told PEOPLE in a statement.

“After seeing the footage aired on 7/23/2018, there are no plans to reopen the investigation into the collisions or any offenses occurring on a state maintained roadway. Any additional violation of law committed outside the subject matter jurisdiction (motor vehicle law) of the state highway patrol would be within the discretion of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department. “


The mother of three — to Jace, son Kaiser, 3, and daughter Ensley, 18 months — has come under fire for sharing photos and videos of herself with guns on social media, including when her husband shared a clip of Evans holding and aiming a rifle the same day as the Florida high school shooting in February that killed 17.

Evans didn’t back down, even posting a photo of her son Kaiser with a toy gun captioned “#CountryLiving” shortly after.

She also talked to Jace in a recent episode about the National Rifle Association and explained to him that she supported the second amendment.

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