"Here's to new beginnings," the former Teen Mom 2 star said

By Robyn Merrett
May 07, 2020 09:02 PM
Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Confirms He Killed Her Dog
Jenelle Evans and David Eason
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Jenelle Evans doesn't "care what" people have to say about her marriage after reconciling with husband David Eason.

On Thursday, Evans, 28, celebrated her new chapter with Eason, 31, on Instagram by sharing a slideshow of photos of the couple posing together.

"I don't care what they say, I love you no matter what. Here's to new beginnings #MarriedLife #HappyWifeHappyLife," the former Teen Mom 2 star captioned the post.

In the photo series, Evans and Eason are seen smiling while posing hand-in-hand in one image and kissing in another.

Evans further opened up about the state of her marriage in a fan Q&A on her Instagram Stories.

"How are things now with David and you?" one fan asked, to which Evans responded, "We are doing better than ever."

"I think being off the show and getting some privacy helped sort out a lot of things in my life, including my relationship with my mom," Evans added.

"I feel like we have learned so much and realize our family is everything and always will be," Evans told another fan, who said, "I think you and David have grown SO much! That's marriage. Stay safe!"

Though Evans is standing by her husband, she did admit that Eason can come off as disrespectful at times.

"Do you think that David's views are a bit disrespectful?" one fan asked.

"Yes I do, but he sees the consequences from what he posts," Evans wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

As to whether or not Evans and Eason plan to have more kids, she told another fan: "No, had my tubes tied almost a year ago. #NoMoreBabies."

Evans and Eason share 3-year-old daughter Ensley Jolie Eason. Evans is also mom to son Kaiser, 5, with ex Nathan Griffith and son Jace, 10, with ex Andrew Lewis. Eason is dad to adolescent daughter Maryssa, from a previous relationship.

Jenelle Evans
Credit: Jenelle Evans/instagram
Jenelle Evans
Credit: Jenelle Evans/instagram

Evans announced that she and Eason were giving their marriage another try in March — nearly five months after they split following two years of marriage.

“Me and him are deciding to work things out right now and we’re taking it slowly,” said Evans, who denied in February that they had rekindled their romance. “Yes, I know I came back to North Carolina. Yes, I’m living here permanently now.”

In the wake of their split, Evans temporarily relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. But she confirmed that she’s permanently back at their home in North Carolina — a decision she said has been good for her children.

“The reason why I came back to North Carolina is because I cannot afford rent and a mortgage — I have to choose one or the other. And I have a house here that I own. I don’t own the apartment in Tennessee, so I decided to move back,” she explained.

Jenelle Evans
Credit: Jenelle Evans/instagram
Jenelle Evans
Credit: Jenelle Evans/instagram

“And all the kids have their own space here. It’s very spacious, we have 11 acres of land for them to play on. Kaiser and Ensley, they really miss the animals, they really miss the chickens, the goats, everything. So we decided to come back here and things are going pretty smooth,” said Evans.

Last year was a bit of a roller coaster for the pair, including Eason shooting and killing their family dog, Nugget, for biting Ensley in the face. Following the scandal, Evans and Eason temporarily lost custody of their children in May. (Two months later, Evans regained custody.)

Evans was also fired from Teen Mom 2 in May. MTV had already fired Eason in 2018 over an alleged homophobic rant on Twitter.

In the time since their split, Evans said that “a lot of things have changed.”

“Me and him have decided to just try to remain positive no matter what. If we have an issue, we really need to talk it out,” she said in March, before denying that Eason was ever abusive to her or the children. “I want to tell you guys that David has never abused the children, he’s never abused me.”

“We’ve always had disagreements and those would turn into big arguments and this is the reason why I decided to go back home and work out my relationship, because ultimately it’s for my family,” she said.

So how did the couple work things out, and why did they decide to give their marriage another shot? Evans was the one to reach out and extend the olive branch.

“While I was in Tennessee, I’m not gonna lie, I contacted David first and I told him, I said, ‘I’m sorry,’ and he contacted me back and he said, ‘For what?’ and I said, ‘I think we just ended things abruptly and I think we need to try to work things out for our family and our marriage. And he said, ‘okay.’ So once we started talking again, you know he did come visit two or three times and when he did, before I moved back to North Carolina, I told him, I said, ‘Things have got to change. We cannot be so unhappy. We have to start communicating with each other about our problems and we have to sort it out and we can’t let the same thing keep happening or the same topic for an argument keep occurring,’ ” she said.