Jenelle Evans and Husband David Eason Get Two New Dogs After Controversy Over Other Pet's Death

Police have said former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans fabricated the story about her husband David Eason shooting and killing their previous dog

There are two new dogs in Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s household, though it’s still unclear what happened to their last pet.

Nearly three months after saying goodbye to their former French Bulldog, Nugget — who may or may not have been killed by Eason — the former Teen Mom 2 stars have added two Anatolian Shepherds named Buddy and Junior to their home, according to a video Eason posted to YouTube on Sunday.

“They follow me everywhere I go,” Eason, 31, said in the clip. “And Jenelle, she’s out here, they’ll follow her everywhere she goes. Especially Junior, he follows Jenelle everywhere. He’s a sweet boy.”

Eason went on to explain that he had gotten the dogs to help protect the animals at their Riegelwood, North Carolina, home.

“Recently we had to find a better way of protecting our chickens and livestock,” Eason wrote in the YouTube video’s description. “We have hawks and crows always eating the heads off our chickens and plastic owls are not doing the trick.”

Another dog they had, a Pit Bull named Jax, wasn’t right for the job. The pooch “killed and maimed one of our pigs that was around 80 lbs.,” Eason said. “With that in mind plus the many chickens Jax killed and ate, we decided to give him to a friend.”

“After lots of research we came across this breed of dog called the Anatolian Shepherd. They are one of the most unique types of dog I have ever seen and have the best temperament and disposition of any dog I have ever owned,” he added. “They are a livestock guardian breed and do not mind eating and sleeping with all our animals on The Land!”

Meanwhile, questions still surround what happened to Evans and Eason’s former dog, Nugget.

Back in May, Evans, 27, filed an animal cruelty report claiming her husband shot and killed Nugget after the dog was aggressive towards their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley, and bit her in the face. However, investigations by police were unable to yield any physical evidence to back up Evans’ claims, meaning charges against Eason were never filed.

Furthermore, police have alleged that Evans fabricated the story “for publicity” — a claim she denies.

“I feel very attacked and exploited for no reason,” Evans said in an interview with The Hollywood Gossip on Friday. “I never made a report against David in the first place. The cops called me and left me voicemail asking me to call them back about the ‘dog incident.’ … [I told them], ‘Yes, what you heard is true about my dog. This isn’t a publicity stunt and I’m not sure where my dog is or what happened to my dog but you would have to call David and ask. I was inside my house with my kids when David went outside with the dog.’ ”

Jenelle Evans and David Eason. Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Speaking with TMZ Live that same day, Evans said that while she believes Eason shot their dog, she never told police that and has never asked Eason the question herself. “You’d have to ask David,” she said. “I still have not asked David to this day.”

“I assumed that was my dog being dead,” Evans added to TMZ. “The dog isn’t here. I mean, I don’t know what happened. And she hasn’t been around since, so I don’t know.”

Amid the drama, Evans and Eason lost custody of Ensley and Evans’ other two children, 9-year-old son Jace and 5-year-old son Kaiser, from previous relationships.

They regained custody of Ensley and Kaiser earlier this month, though her mother, Barbara Evans, maintains custody of Jace.

Both Evans and Eason are no longer on Teen Mom 2. MTV fired Eason last year over alleged homophobic tweets. Evans, who had starred on the reality series since it premiered in 2011, was fired in May in light of the headline-grabbing dog incident.

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