Jenelle Evans' parenting skills were called into question on this week's episode of Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans‘ parenting skills were called into question on this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

On Monday night’s episode, Evans becomes upset when a police officer shows up at her house to do a security check on the children.

Before Evans’ husband David Eason opened the door, the reality star said there was no reason the cops should be at her house.

“There is nothing I did, so he can wait,” Evans told a producer. “I’m so sick of this bull—-. I’ve been here at my house, not worrying about no one. I haven’t hit no one, I haven’t threatened no one.”

After Eason spoke to the cop — and slammed the door — he accused Evans’ ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith of calling the police.

“Let me get a hold of Nathan,” he said. “I’m gonna bust his motherf—–‘s head open.”

Evans and Eason share daughter Ensley, 15 months, and she’s also mom to Jace, 8, and Kaiser, 3, from previous relationships.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason
| Credit: Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

While trying to convince the police officer to leave their property, Evans revealed that CPS has been called on the couple upwards of 20 times.

“We have been harassed by everyone on the Internet,” she said to the officer. “By you guys, by my ex. We don’t need it anymore. I’ve been harassed about this ever since I’ve moved here last February. CPS has been here 20 times because of 20 reports and they closed every single one of them. Everything’s fine.”

Later in the episode, it was announced that Eason was fired by MTV after allegedly posting a series of homophobic tweets, as well as a tweet in defense of allowing those with concealed carry permits to bring guns onto school property.

Following the incident, Evans refused to film again.

In April, Evans got into an intense altercation with another driver on the road in North Carolina, pulling a gun on a man she alleged was tailgating her while Jace was in the car. (The man alleged Evans had road rage, and neither was charged in connection with the incident.)

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