Jenelle Evans' Ex Andrew Lewis Unexpectedly Seeks Visitation with Son Jace After 9 Years of Absence

MTV's Jenelle Evans received an unexpected blast from the past from Jace's father, Andrew Lewis

Jenelle Evans got a surprise from someone she hasn’t seen in almost a decade.

The Teen Mom 2 star, 27, was approached by MTV producer Kristen on Monday night’s episode with a request from her ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis to see their son, Jace.

“I have to tell you something,” Kristen told Evans. “Andrew has been getting in contact with me. He wants to see Jace.”

Lewis’ request involved a meeting between him and his 9-year-old son in New York City along with Evans and her mother Barbara.

“Would you be open to him seeing Jace?” Kristen asked Evans.

The message didn’t sit well with Evans, who said, “I don’t know about seeing him but I’ll talk to Andrew about it maybe. ‘I want to see Jace really bad but you need to bring him to me?’ F— you.”

When Kristen asked if Jace had ever shown curiosity about his father, Evans shared, “He really hasn’t said anything. The last thing he said was when he was very little and he said something like, ‘My dad’s never been to my birthday party or anything before.'”

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“I do feel bad because that’s Jace’s dad. But I know how he is, and I don’t want him to disappoint my son,” Evans explained of her reluctance to introduce Lewis to her son. “I don’t want [him] to pop back in and then pop back out.”

“That’s happened to me as a child when my dad did that to me. And I’m not having that happen to Jace,” she added.

Evans told her mother, Barbara, about Lewis and his interest in meeting his son.

“I’m just thinking if Andrew even comes into Jace’s life is he going to regularly visit or not? I can’t have him have that disappointment that I had when I was little and I would wait for my dad to pick us up and he would just drive by,” Evans said while the two sat in a park.

Barbara shared Jace had expressed interest in his father “once in while.”

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“I have one picture of Andrew that I show him [whenever he asks],” Barbara said. “I just tell him that I don’t know much about it.”

As for whether Barbara thought it was a good idea for Jace to see his father, she explained, “I don’t need any more stress on Jace right now with Andrew being around.”

A few minutes later, at Evans’ suggestion, Barbara FaceTimed Lewis to discuss the possibility of him meeting Jace.

“I wanted to figure out some way to get Jace to actually know me,” Lewis explained to Barbara while Evans remained away from the phone to avoid being seen. “It’s been nine years, we can’t hold a grudge anymore.”

“You haven’t seen him his whole life and I don’t want you to come into his life and then just not see him again,” Barbara said. “Why now all of a sudden do you want to see Jace after all these years?”

Lewis said he had “always” had a desire to see his son but that he lost contact with her and Evans. Despite his time away from them, he said he was “doing good for myself.”

“You’re hitting me out of the blue, nine years have gone by and all of a sudden you’re contacting me,” Barbara replied. “I know in the past you’ve had a drinking problem. I gotta see you. Maybe I can come to New York and meet you alone and make sure that everything’s OK and I feel that Jace is safe around you. Let’s make a plan.”

Lewis agreed, saying, “OK, we can do that.”

After the call ended, Evans said she’d have to think about reuniting Lewis and Jace.

“That’s a big decision. I can’t have Jace’s life be affected any more than it has been affected,” she said, before adding, “I hate Andrew so bad, it was an abusive relationship with him too. I already have anxiety right now just getting off the phone with him.”

Evans welcomed her son in August 2009. Since Lewis was largely out of the picture and away from MTV cameras, Evans relied on her mother for help in raising her son.

The MTV star has two other children: 4-year-old son Kaiser from her previous relationship with Nathan Griffith and 1-year-old daughter Ensley with her husband David Eason.

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