Jeff Probst Says He 'Approached People' About a Celebrity Survivor — Why It Likely Won't Happen

Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Brosnahan are among the stars who love watching Survivor

Survivor may have a strong celebrity fan base, but a season starring only famous contestants doesn’t appear to be likely.

Sitting down with PEOPLE Now on Monday, longtime host Jeff Probst said that though he’s approached some celebrities about appearing on the show, filming and work schedules are a roadblock to allowing them the time to possibly compete on the CBS reality series.

“In terms of doing a celebrity season, the truth is, when I’ve approached people a few years ago, everybody goes, ‘Look, honestly, I could barely get eight days off, let alone 39. So if you ever did it, it would have to be a really short maybe Christmas special where you go to Hawaii for eight days,’ ” said Probst, 58. “And then is it Survivor? No.”

Still, Probst loves learning about the stars who are fans of the series, including Jimmy Fallon and Neil Patrick Harris.

“Well, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, just learned,” said Probst, noting actress Rachel Brosnahan.

“I love her,” he added. “She would be great.”

Probst also listed Dominic Monaghan and Tyler Perry as Survivor fans.

“It’s really fun when people like Tyler, and Fallon does it a lot, send me notes with ideas because I’m still this kid from Wichita going, ‘Pretty sure this is Jimmy Fallon with an idea for a show I work on. We gotta make this happen!’ ” said Probst, who hails from Kansas.

Jeff Probst
Robert Voets/CBS via Getty

After hosting the show for 20 years, Probst has no intention of leaving his post.

“Anybody who meets me and talks about Survivor always walks away with the same takeaway: ‘Wow, that guy is still super enthusiastic,’ ” Probst told PEOPLE in 2016. “I know there are some people who question whether it’s authentic. I promise you, it’s 100 percent real.”

“The reason why I’m still enthusiastic today is the same reason why I wanted the job so badly back in 2000: I love humans. I love human behavior,” he continued. “If you love human behavior, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t love human behavior, you think I’m speaking gobbledygook.”

“What keeps me doing this job is that I love watching people make decisions — and the consequences that come as a result of those decisions,” he said. “It fascinates me.”

“And when you add in this carrot of a million dollars and you drop these land mines along the way, it gets really interesting. Then you mention that there are 19 other people who also want the money, and it gets really, really interesting. It just never gets old,” said Probst. “It’s just a fascinating setup to study humans. I swear to you, I don’t have to put on any fake energy for Survivor. I love it. I ask the questions that are on my mind. I comment on what I see at the challenge. The experiment keeps going, and I love it.”

Added Probst, “I’ve got a great job that has me doing what I love. I’m looking forward to many more seasons.”

Survivor: Winners War premieres Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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