Jeannie Mai Admits She 'Wouldn't Have Married' Her Ex-Husband 'Knowing What I Know Now'

"Knowing what I know now about who I married, I wouldn't have married him," Jeannie Mai said

If Jeannie Mai could turn back time, she wouldn’t have married her ex-husband Freddy Harteis.

“Knowing what I know now about who I married, I wouldn’t have married him,” Mai said, holding back tears, on Tuesday’s episode of The Real.

“It’s just crazy. You hear all the time that money can change people. Well, divorce can really change people. It’s just so weird because the one thing that he would always say back then is like, ‘You really, truly don’t know a person until they don’t get what they want.’ But I never thought he would be the one to prove that to me,” Mai, 39, explained as she began to cry.

Mai and Harteis, who hosts The Hollywood Hunter, wed in 2007 and split last fall after 10 years of marriage.

Despite the split, the talk show co-host admitted that she “loved” her ex “all the way past our divorce. I really did.”

But her perspective changed following their split — when she saw sides of Harteis that she claims she didn’t see during their marriage.

“But then when somebody shows you who they are, you just are like, ‘Did I know the real you or is this the real you?’ And so it’s just really hard. We’re not talking about a couple years. We’re talking about 10 years,” said Mai, who thanked her co-hosts for “being there” and “checking in” with her throughout the divorce process.

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Though the exes were amicable when their split was announced, they are no longer on good terms.

“It f—— sucks. It’s terrible,” Mai said on an episode of The Breakfast Club last week, opening up about her divorce.

“You wake up with a rock in your heart and you feel like you can’t really make it through the day because it’s just so heavy. Especially when finances get involved. Especially when people change,” Mai continued.

Mai said she felt her and Harteis’ divorce “turned when, I would say, when money got involved, and ego.”

“This is where you learn how things change. People say money changes people. So does ego and so does social media. And so does the press. I think that all of that mixed in between— you really gotta keep yourself grounded.”

“One thing he always said, and I love this quote and I really believe it, my ex said, ‘You don’t truly know a person until they don’t get what they want. That’s when they show you who they are,” Mai said.

“You wouldn’t think that the person you were married to and were with for 10 years and taught you the quote would be the best number one example to prove it,” she added.

She also addressed the reason for their split, saying the fact that she does not want to have children wasn’t the only factor.

Harteis is now expecting his first child with girlfriend Linsey Toole. He revealed the news six months after Mai announced their divorce.

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