Jeannie Mai's estranged husband Freddy Harteis new girlfriend revealed she's about to give birth to their first child together

By Robyn Merrett
October 17, 2018 09:27 PM

Jeannie Mai’s husband Freddy Harteis is just days away from welcoming his first child.

Harteis’ new girlfriend Linsey Toole, who recently made her social media public, revealed she and The Hollywood Hunter star’s baby girl will arrive on Oct. 25 — almost a year to the day that Mai and Harteis announced their split.

“Our little peanut is coming early, cutting someone’s huntin season short and I can’t help but find it funny. #October25th #EmersynRose #LetsGiveEmSomethinToTalkAbout,” Toole captioned a series of Instagram photos, which show her and Harteis kissing while dressed in hunting clothes.

Toole also revealed the pair are expecting a little girl and have picked out the name Emersyn Rose, or Emmie for short.

As Toole and Harteis prepare to become parents, Mai, 39, is wishing she could turn back time.

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“Knowing what I know now about who I married, I wouldn’t have married him,” Mai said, holding back tears, on Tuesday’s episode of The Real.

“It’s just crazy. You hear all the time that money can change people. Well, divorce can really change people. It’s just so weird because the one thing that he would always say back then is like, ‘You really, truly don’t know a person until they don’t get what they want.’ But I never thought he would be the one to prove that to me,” Mai explained as she began to cry.

Mai and Harteis wed in 2007 and split last fall after 10 years of marriage.

Despite the split, the talk show co-host admitted on The Real that she “loved” her ex and the pair’s appeared to be very amicable at first.

But her perspective changed following their split — when she saw sides of Harteis that she claims she never saw before.

“But then when somebody shows you who they are, you just are like, ‘Did I know the real you or is this the real you?’ And so it’s just really hard. We’re not talking about a couple years. We’re talking about 10 years,” said Mai, who thanked her co-hosts for “being there” and “checking in” with her throughout the divorce process.

Jeannie Mai
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Just six months after Mai announced their divorce, Harteis revealed he is expecting his first child.

When asked directly, during an interview with The Breakfast Club last week, if her estranged husband had cheated on her, Mai said she does find the timing “interesting.”

“And you know what’s funny, I was never really the type to really sit there and actually calculate and do math… but then, our Real fam comes in and goes, ‘Wait, when you announce you met this person at this time and now you’re together having the baby at this time, Jeannie just came out with you guys getting divorced at this time,’ that’s funny!” Mai said.

Freddy Harteis and Jeannie Mai
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“It f—— sucks. It’s terrible,” Mai said on The Breakfast Club. “You wake up with a rock in your heart and you feel like you can’t really make it through the day because it’s just so heavy. Especially when finances get involved. Especially when people change,” Mai continued.

Mai said she felt her and Harteis’ divorce “turned when, I would say, when money got involved, and ego.”

Harteis did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.