Alex Heigl
May 12, 2015 07:40 AM

Jean-Claude Van Damme‘s 1989 classic Kickboxer features a scene in which Van Damme‘s character, a little sauced at a bar, gets up to dance, and then has to fight off a gang of thugs mid-boogie.

The scene has become a cherished part of JCVD’s movie career (See also: That time he punched a snake in the face), and so we’re thrilled to announce that Conan O’Brien had him reenact the dance scene Monday night.

Van Damme takes the opportunity to announce a Kickboxer 2, for which O’Brien says he’ll be the first in line, but when O’Brien asks him if he’s “still got the moves” from the original film, JCVD can’t help but crack a grin and get on his feet. (O’Brien also helpfully provides a table of roughnecks to start trouble.)

That song, in case you’re wondering, is “Feeling So Good Today” by Beau Williams, from 1984’s Bodacious!

You’re welcome.

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