Jazz Jennings Gets Real About the 'Complications' Delaying Her Bottom Surgery: It's a 'Very Serious Procedure'

Though transgender 16-year-old Jazz Jennings has spoken openly about undergoing surgery, there are obstacles in her path

The upcoming third season of Jazz Jennings‘ award-winning TLC show, I Am Jazz, will focus on the transgender reality star’s decision to undergo the surgery she calls “the last step” in her journey to becoming her most authentic self.

But though 16-year-old Jennings has spoken openly about the procedure, there are obstacles in her path.

“There’s definitely been a lot of complications in terms of the bottom surgery,” Jennings explained on Tuesday’s PEOPLE Now. “We’ve been talking about it a lot. You’ll see in the show, there’s some problems because I’ve been on the hormone blockers and basically I haven’t had a lot of development — so we’re debating if I have enough material to work with.”

“It’s all this weird stuff,” she continued. “It’s been a journey for sure. I haven’t gotten the procedure yet, but this season you’ll see me go on consultations and finding the surgeon of my choice.”

While Jennings admitted the surgery is “a very serious procedure,” fear isn’t preventing her from getting it.

“With any surgery, there’s always fears. And I know my mom, she’s especially fearful because she doesn’t like me going under anesthesia and all that stuff,” Jennings explained. “But for me, I’m not really worried about it. I’m actually kind of excited. This is something I’ve always looked forward to. I don’t know — it’s going to be fun.”

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Jennings also spoke out about her dating life, admitting she’s “still exploring” her sexuality and calling herself “pansexual.”

“I basically say that it’s like love without limits,” Jennings said. “I love people for who they are on the inside regardless of their label — their sexual orientation, their gender. I just love people for who they are.”

While she hasn’t dated much — only going on a few dates on the show — that will change this season when Jennings decides to try dating in the dark.

And though exposing intimate aspects of her life to the world isn’t always easy, Jennings is up for the challenge.

“Someone has to do it in order to get the education out there,” she said. “I feel like a lot of people are ignorant to transgender issues, and it’s important that we share our stories and allow our voices to be heard in order to change those minds and open people’s hearts to the possibilities of who we are. We’re just people too.”

I Am Jazz returns to TLC with a two-night premiere on Tuesday, June 27 at 10 p.m. ET and will air the second episode at its regular time slot on Wednesday, June 28 at 9 p.m. ET. Jennings’ book, Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen is available June 27.

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