Jazz Jennings Opts to Skip Top Surgery: 'I'm Pretty Happy with My Body'

I Am Jazz returns for a new season Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC

Jazz Jennings has hit a breakthrough in her self-perception as she continues to transition to her most authentic self.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s season premiere of I Am Jazz, the transgender teen speaks with her mother and doctor about how her journey is progressing physiologically and whether she’s ready to pursue further medical procedures in her transition.

“Your labs look great — your testosterone level is really, really low; your estrogen levels is actually more or less adult levels,” reports Dr. Charlton, a pediatric endocrinologist, to the 16-year-old at her check-up.

Jazz’s mother Jeanette says in an interview: “To hear that Jazz is developing just like her peers, it just makes me so happy. I’m so happy for her, and it kind of confirms — it really confirms — that [her dad] Greg and I have been making the right decisions with respect to her medical care. We are on the right path.”

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That said, the question of what steps she will take on that path continue to be a question.

After experience setbacks that delayed her ability to pursue bottom surgery, Jazz tells her mother and Dr. Charlton — much to their surprise: “I don’t want top surgery anymore. I’m pretty happy with my body.”

Dr. Charlton replies, “This is the first time I’ve heard you say that you’re happy with your body. You’ve been happy with certain changes, but there were always concerns. This is the happiest I’ve seen you.You seem more comfortable in your own skin now than you have since I’ve known you, and that’s really, really great.”

I Am Jazz returns for a new season Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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