WATCH: Jazz Jennings Opens Up to Larry King About Her 'Bottom Surgery'

"I say, 'I'm on the search for America's Next Top Vagina,'" she jokes to King.

Jazz Jennings is completing what she calls the “last step” in her journey to become the person she wants to be.

Speaking to Larry King on his Ora TV show, Larry King Now, the transgender YouTube star, 16, says the upcoming season of her TLC show, I Am Jazz, will focus on her bottom surgery, which she says has now become “a big part of my life.”

“I say, ‘I’m on the search for America’s Next Top Vagina,'” she jokes to King.

Admitting that she is a little worried about the surgery, she nevertheless feels it’s a necessary step she must take to feel more at home with herself.

“With any procedure there are complications,” she tells King. “I mean, I think my mom is more worried than I am.”

Despite her worries, she says she feels mostly excited about the transition.

“I feel like this is the last step for me to complete who I am as a person,” she reveals. “I know I’m a girl, but this just confirms that. I’m ready.”

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In a trailer for the show released in March, Jazz is shown consulting a doctor about the possibility of a bottom surgery, and she is told that it’s a “feasible” procedure.

“I definitely want to do it,” she tells the doctor with her mother by her side, admitting to cameras that she’s “always dreamed about having this procedure done.”

I Am Jazz returns to TLC with a two-night premiere on Tuesday, June 27 at 10 p.m. ET and will air the second episode at its regular time slot on Wednesday, June 28 at 9 p.m. ET. Jennings’ book, Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen is available June 27.

Watch Jennings’ full interview on Ora TV and Hulu.

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