Jazz Jennings Is 'Doing Super Well' Nearly 3 Months After Undergoing Gender Confirmation Surgery

I Am Jazz season 5 returns to TLC in 2019

Jazz Jennings is ready to share her gender confirmation journey with the world.

Next year, the transgender teen’s reality series, I Am Jazz, will be returning to TLC for a fifth season, and when it does, audiences will see Jennings undergo the life-changing operation.

“It’s happening!” Jennings, 17, says in a YouTube video. “Season 5 is going to be super exciting.”

“As many of you know, I did get my gender confirmation surgery — woo woo! — and I am doing super well. I can’t wait for all of you to see that journey as I go through it,” she shares. “It’s definitely going to be a journey.”


In footage that was captured at the hospital ahead of the surgery, Jennings snaps her fingers and says “let’s do this” before heading into the operating room.

“Also this season, you’ll see me turning 18 years old. I go to prom with my friends and I mean, I can’t spill all the secrets,” she teases.

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The TLC star — she was born male but identifies as female — confirmed in a previous YouTube video titled “Preparing For Gender Confirmation Surgery” that her surgery was scheduled for Tuesday, June 26.

“It’s coming up so soon. June 26 is when I’m getting the surgery, so like a month away. That is insane. I am so looking forward to it. I’ve been ready for this my entire life,” she shared.

Later in the video, she said, “It’s crazy to me. I’m going to have new genitalia. Like penis to vagina. That’s some serious s—, y’all.” Said Jennings: “I can’t believe it, I’m going to have a vagina!”

Following the surgery, Jennings shared a post-operation photo to social media.

“I’m doing great, thanks for all of the love and support,” she tweeted alongside the selfie.

In the photo, a smiling Jennings wears a hospital gown as she lies down on a pillow.

I Am Jazz season 5 returns to TLC in 2019.

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