WATCH: Trans Teen Jazz Admits Breast Implants Would Make Her 'More Secure' Around Other Girls

"My breasts would be the same size as all the other girls', and I would be happy about that," says Jazz Jennings

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Jazz Jennings is exploring the idea of getting breast surgery.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode of I Am Jazz, the transgender teen discusses the possibility during an appointment with her doctor and her mother Jeannette.

“A lot has happened since the last time I met with Dr. Charlton, so I’m seeing him today for just kind of the normal checkup,” explains Jazz.

During the checkup, she asks her doctor, “What’s the youngest age you could get breast surgery at?”

Jeanette seems taken aback by the question.

“I was not expecting that,” she says in the clip. “I know she wants these beautiful breasts to be like her peers, and not dislike the way her breasts are. She is 15 still.”

Jazz admits she is not sure what type of procedure she would want.

“It’s not necessarily that I want to get implants, just some kind of reforming or something, just to make the breasts look as pretty as possible,” she tells her doctor.

She explains that having breast surgery would make her feel more confident.

“I feel like I would be happier with my body, and just kind of more secure,” says Jazz. “I feel like I would pass more. My breasts would be the same size as all the other girls’, and I would be happy about that.”

I Am Jazz airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC, and Jennings’ memoir Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen is out now.

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