Jazz Jennings' Parents Set Ground Rules Ahead of Her Boyfriend's First Visit: 'No Sleeping Over'

The 18-year-old transgender reality star recently underwent gender confirmation surgery

Jazz Jennings and her parents are entering into uncharted territory.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode of I Am Jazz, the 18-year-old transgender reality star reveals to mom Jeanette and dad Greg that her new love interest, Ahmir, will be coming to visit in the near future.

“I want him to come down to Florida and he might be here a lot, at the house, hanging out with me,” Jazz says. “Is that cool?”

“Do you feel like you’re diving in a little too deep on a first real relationship?” Greg asks.

“Just ’cause he’s flying down here doesn’t mean we’re diving in or it’s a huge step,” Jazz replies.

Greg then peppers his daughter, who recently underwent gender confirmation surgery, with a few questions about her boyfriend and finds out that Ahmir is 19, lives in Philadelphia and graduated high school — but isn’t currently in college or working.

“Admittedly, I’m not sure where the commonality is and what’s making this click so positively for Jazz,” Greg says. “But ultimately, we can’t stop him from coming to Florida.”

“Jazz is really into this guy — I’ve never seen her actually like a boy,” Jeanette admits. “And I know she’s feeling better about herself — she feels whole now and I think that’s what made it so easy for her to accept somebody into her life. But this is different than [our] other three kids because number one, she’s transgender. Number two, she just had the surgery and number three, [he’s] a stranger. So you know, as parents, you just are protective of that. Any parent would be. Plus, she’s never had a boyfriend in a sexual way so this is new territory for us.”

Greg then lays down some ground rules for Ahmir’s visit, including no sleeping over and no locking the door, much to Jazz’s disappointment.

“Even though I have a low libido and I don’t have those desires all the time, I want to still be able to explore sexual things,” she tells her parents. “If I try it and I like it, then maybe that will create desire within me, you know?”

“Hey, Jazz? TMI, actually,” Greg says.

“I’m not going to have sex, guys,” she reassures them. “I’m waiting for marriage.”

“You’re not allowed to [have sex]! You have to wait months [after the surgery],” Jeanette reminds her.

“I know,” Jazz says. “But I still want to be able to learn how to kiss and do other things that people do in relationships.”

I Am Jazz airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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