By People Staff
Updated April 06, 2010 12:00 AM
Credit: Katy Winn/Getty

Jay McCarroll has won it all — again! The first winner of Project Runway was named the winner of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club on Monday’s finale.

“I speak for the everyday person — it’s hard to lose weight,” says McCarroll, 35, who dropped 40 lbs. to win the competition, beating out competitors like Nicole Eggert, KayCee Stroh, Kevin Federline, Shar Jackson and Bobby Brown. “Would I rather eat Peanut M&Ms or go to the gym and get yelled at by my trainer? I’d probably pick the M&Ms.”

But McCarroll, who now weighs 218 lbs. and lives in Philadelphia where he continues to design clothes, has changed his habits in order to maintain the weight loss. He works out up to four times a week to help keep the weight off. “I run up the steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum like Rocky did,” he says.

His diet has changed, too. He cooks at home throughout the week, but treats himself on the weekends. “If I want nachos then I’ll have nachos,” he says. But McCarroll keeps healthy snacks on hand as well. “I’m obsessed with light string cheese from Trader Joe’s grocery store, apples, oranges, cheese, a couple of crackers, almonds.”

One of the perks of losing the weight? “I can wear Levi jeans!” says McCarroll, who hopes to lose another 20 lbs. this summer. “They didn’t make my size before. And now I fit and I’m slowly going down in sizes.” –Elaine AradillasKaty Winn/Getty