Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari announced their divorce in April, the same month that Tomi Lahren and Brandon Fricke called off their engagement

By Aurelie Corinthios and Adam Carlson
September 04, 2020 12:24 PM

Jay Cutler and Tomi Lahren are "just friends," a source tells PEOPLE.

Speculation about the former football player and the Fox Nation host possibly dating surfaced online this week, and E! News reports that the pair was recently spotted together at a Nashville bar.

Both Cutler, 37, and Lahren, 28, seemed to laugh off the rumors on social media.

"I love it when the internet tells me who I'm dating," she tweeted on Thursday. "Good one."

And on Friday, Cutler posted an Instagram video with a cow on his farm, captioned, "Only lady in my life. Be better internet."

E! News reports that the two enjoyed "a nice night out together" at Winners Bar last week, according to an eyewitness. They were reportedly seated at a table with two other friends and passed a bottle of tequila back and forth, taking shots together.

Comments by Celebs also highlighted a friendly Instagram exchange between the two in June, with Lahren commenting that Cutler's video of his chickens "is already more entertaining" than Very Cavallari on E!

Both are newly single. Cutler and Kristin Cavallari, 33, announced their divorce in April, and Lahren called off her engagement to Brandon Fricke that same month. The conservative political pundit moved from California to Nashville around the same time, and Cutler has lived there since 2017.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler
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Tomi Lahren and Brandon Fricke
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In a joint statement, Cutler and Cavallari said their split was a matter "of two people growing apart" and that they had "nothing but love and respect for one another."

The two, who had been together for 10 years, share three children: sons Jaxon, 6, and Camden, 7, and daughter Saylor, 4.

A source confirmed to PEOPLE in May that the exes had reached a custody agreement. They agreed to be named "joint primary residential parents," each spending 182.5 days with the kids a year and alternating time on a week-on, week-off basis, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

Cavallari has since moved into a new house, a $5 million Nashville-area estate.

Lahren, meanwhile, told PEOPLE that her future with Fricke "just wasn't in the cards," but that the two were "still best friends." They had been engaged since June 2019.