Javi Marroquin announced that he had apologized to Kailyn Lowry for all the drama that occurred after he went down to visit ex-girlfriend and costar Briana DeJesus in Miami

By Maria Pasquini
February 03, 2018 05:03 PM

Javi Marroquin is making amends with his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry, and he wants everybody to know about it.

On Saturday, the Teen Mom 2 star announced that he had apologized to Lowry for all the drama that occurred after he visited ex-girlfriend and costar Briana DeJesus in Miami.

“At the end of the day a good relationship with my sons mother will make Lincoln the happiest. I lost sight of that. This trip made me realize that and I’ve apologized to kail for my actions,” Marroquin wrote on social media Friday.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Showing that she accepted his apology, Lowry retweeted his message.

The formerly married couple co-parent their 4-year-old son Lincoln.

Although neither Marroquin nor Lowry has gone into detail about what happened during his visit with DeJesus as she underwent a series of plastic surgery procedures, he told RadarOnline, “I should’ve never went. I should’ve went to LA like I was supposed to. We broke up for a reason and yesterday reassured me that.”

Seemingly addressing the drama on social media Lowry wrote, “Everyone’s asking where the tea is at but javis been through enough so I’m not gona put him through more s—”

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Marroquin’s apology comes just a week after DeJesus slammed her ex-boyfriend after he appeared on Lowry’s podcast with Lindsie Chrisley Coffee Convos and discussed their split.

Lowry, who filed for divorce from him in 2016 after almost three years of marriage, began the episode by asking Marroquin if it was true that he and DeJesus had broken up.

“As of right now it is,” he said, referring to the pair’s separation. “I don’t know what the future holds. There is a lot we have to discuss and talk about before we make any other decisions.”

But in a series of now-deleted tweets, DeJesus took aim at Lowry for seemingly attempting to cool down the tension between them and then going back on her words.

“1) Do not ever call my phone at 7am talking about we need to leave social media alone when it comes to our issues but you are the 1st one to use my name to gain listeners…2) don’t you ever text my man about me and think hes ok to bad mouth me cause thats when the line gets crossed,” DeJesus tweeted. “Don’t sit 15 feet away from me and talk s— indirectly cause I’ll approach u just like I did and do go crying in ur dressing room cause u couldn’t handle my mouth.”

“I am not the common denominator as to why y’all fail to co parent so don’t ever use my name in that matter again… and you are right, I’ll never say sorry cause I am not the one who started all this mess… you use ur kids as pawns and that is not my fault but ur own selfish reasoning’s.”


DeJesus also addressed Marroquin’s comments about not being sure “what the future holds” for them.

“Don’t say u don’t know what the future holds to someone but in my msgs saying u wanna marry me,” she wrote. “I don’t do that fake — say its about the kids but in reality u only care about ur feelings and not anyone elses… including ur kids.”

The Florida native also blamed Marroquin and Lowry for beginning their feud by mentioning her in Lowry’s podcast.

“I look like the crazy one now but just remember I tried to keep it off social media… u bitches so quick to call lawyers when they can’t handle the heat that they turned on… I am not the reason as to why people can’t get along… u left ur saltiness get in the way and now looks where u are.”


She added, “Call me ratchet, trashy all you want but don’t mention my name again and there will be no issues… U NOT KIM K SO SLOW UR ROLL… AND DONT SIT HERE TRYNA PLAY MIND GAMES WHEN THE REAL REASON WHY WE ARE HERE IS BECAUSE OF UR..JAVI.”

Marroquin responded on Twitter, writing, “come on, you’re better than this. I know a different bri so i’ll never turn my back on you like I promised. you don’t do fake s— but you’re on here…you have my number, we’ve always talked about everything.”

Lowry also seemingly responded, tweeting, “When you block their number and get a ‘llamame conyo’ email,” along with laughing and coffin emojis. She added, “Is mercury in retrograde or.”

Marroquin addressed the tension between Lowry and DeJesus on the podcast saying he was “trying to learn from my mistakes and not repeat those mistakes moving forward. I’m not gonna mix that.”

He also said he hoped the trio could all get along if he and DeJesus did reunite.

Lowry, on the other hand, thought differently: “It would never happen. We would never get along. You allowed her to disrespect me to my face, also on camera, also in text messages.”

She continued, “When I said what I had to say in a nice way, you defended her and not me. We raise a son together, you don’t raise a son with her.”