"I became complacent and I was blindsided. I am beyond embarrassed," Jason Wahler wrote on Instagram

Jason Wahler says he is “getting help” after relapsing in his battle with alcohol addiction.

The Laguna Beach and Hills alum, who has been open about his years-long struggle with substance abuse, revealed in an Instagram post Sunday that he is now more than a month sober after being active in his addiction throughout the past three years.

“My name is Jason and I’m an alcoholic-addict. I have 39 days of sobriety after being active in my addiction for the past three + years; before that, I had four years of sobriety,” wrote Wahler, 31, who is the founder and owner of Widespread Recovery in Laguna Beach, California, and “has dedicated his life to raising awareness towards addiction and hopes to one day change the public’s negative perception of this deadly disease,” according to his website.

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“Working in the field of recovery is something I love; I’m passionate about it,” he continued. “However, I became complacent and I was blindsided. I am beyond embarrassed. At first I was full of shame and guilt, but I am learning to forgive and move forward. I can only hope my pain will be someone else’s gain and I will continue to live one day at a time. The truth is this: I relapsed, I surrendered and I am getting help.”

The former reality star said that he hopes his “vulnerability may help to foster humility in those still suffering. I am reaching out to those who would hear and those who need help the most.”

“If you are active in your addiction, if you are lost or isolated, if your sense of self-worth is as low as mine was, take my hand,” he concluded. “We are each a link in a chain and together we are stronger. Surrender. Don’t be afraid to start over. You are worth it.”

The married father of one previously told Entertainment Tonight that the fame that came from his time on Laguna Beach “ignited my addiction and things started to domino effect right before our own eyes, and before you knew it, it got out of control and I couldn’t handle it.”

After opting out of college in favor of continuing on with ex-girlfriend Lauren Conrad in The Hills, Wahler became dependent on alcohol and cocaine.

In hindsight, he admitted that his alcoholism “a hundred percent” hurt his relationship with Conrad.

“I became a totally different person active in my addiction versus when I’m sober and living life in recovery. It’s a totally different mentality and thought process – the way my brain operates, it’s completely different,” he said, and added that he hadn’t spoken to his ex – with whom he has made amends – in a year.

In October, Wahler clarified that Conrad “had nothing to do with my alcoholism or addiction” after the Sober Movement Instagram account shared a photo collage of Wahler, which featured before and after images of the reality star — including a shot of him standing on an MTV red carpet with Conrad.

“I can now see how some of you are viewing this photo…. I apologize if I offended anyone one. Lauren, had nothing to do with my alcoholism or addiction!! However my addiction became very public during my time on The Hills, hence the reason for the photo in the top left,” Wahler captioned a screenshot of the initial post.

“Again, I am sorry if I offended anyone, I just want to show RECOVERY is possible. @soberisexy @sobermovement #recoveryispossible #mymessismymessage,” he wrote.