The pair played Slapjack on Wednesday's Tonight Show

By K.c. Blumm
Updated June 04, 2015 02:45 AM
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Would you take on tough guy Jason Statham in a game where he was allowed to hit you if you lost?

That’s why Jimmy Fallon was laughing nervously when he played a game of Slapjack against the British action hero on Wednesday’s Tonight Show.

The game is just like the card game Blackjack “but at the end of each round the winner gets to slap the loser across the face with a giant prosthetic hand,” Fallon explained, before adding, “I’m so scared right now.”

Fallon won the first round and delivered a slap that knocked the Spy star off his chair.

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“That’s not true!” Fallon insisted. “I didn’t hit you that hard.”

“Don’t get me back for that,” he added with a hint of concern. “That was a soft hit.”