Jason Derulo Teaches James Corden How to Be the 'Swaggiest Dude in the Club' in Latest Epic Carpool Karaoke

Plus, the singer and the late-night host crash a "star tours" bus in Los Angeles


In the latest installment of James Corden‘s celeb carpool karaoke, the Late Late Show host was joined by Jason Derulo – and it made for maybe the most amazing car ride ever.

To kick things off, the two sang along and danced to the R&B singer’s hit “Talk Dirty,” which naturally led to a hilarious conversation in which Derulo, 26, admitted he never used to talk dirty when getting intimate, has had five people sleep in his bed at once and, best of all, that he has a circular bed – something that left Corden, 37, in fits of laughter.

Next, the two jammed out to “Want to Want Me,” and Derulo shockingly revealed that can sing opera and studied classical music his whole life. After some prodding from Corden, he belted out a few impressive notes.

“Why don’t you release an opera album?” Corden asked. “The first hip-hop opera album – hip-hopera!”

Derulo’s hit “Wiggle” came on next, and the talk show host and singer/dancer got out of the car to bust out a few moves in a parking lot so that Corden could learn how to be “the swaggiest dude in the club.”

In a sequence of events almost too good to be true, the two spotted a Star Tours bus and decided to hop on and continue their ride in an open-air truck throughout Los Angeles – because why not?

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Derulo is the latest celeb to join the late-night host on one of his popular carpool karaokes. Corden has previously rocked out with Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Rod Stewart and Stevie Wonder.

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