Jason Biggs: 'I Have a Right' to My Wife's Breast Milk (VIDEO)

"I just wanted to see what the fuss is about," Biggs told Conan O'Brien, adding, "My kid loves it"

Photo: Team Coco

Jason Biggs continued his campaign of transparency – some would call it oversharing – Monday night on Conan, revealing to Conan O’Brien that he once tasted his wife’s breast milk.

The Orange Is the New Black star declined, however, to offer tasting notes.

“I just wanted to see what the fuss is about. My kid loves it,” Biggs said. “I have a right to it as well, don’t I?” he added.

Biggs and his wife, author Jenny Mollen, have no problem sharing their personal life – to put it mildly. They have, in the past, posted pictures of placenta to social media (sorry, we’re not linking to that) and discussed hiring a prostitute to “spice up their marriage.”

Biggs’s character on OITNB, Larry Bloom, is not viewed in a particularly positive light online – a favorite pastime of the show’s fans is updating the character’s Wiki’s page to include such descriptors as “Gender: Trash” and “Status: Alive but shouldn’t be.”

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