Jason Biggs Reveals He's 1 Year Sober Following an 'Obsession with Booze and Drugs'

"I'm as proud of it as anything in my life," Jason Biggs said

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Jason Biggs is celebrating his sobriety — and opening up about his past drug and alcohol addiction.

The 40-year-old Orange Is the New Black actor revealed Thursday in an Instagram post that he is one-year sober, which comes five years after his first attempt to get clean.

“I first tried to get sober over 5 years ago, when the weight of my obsession with booze and drugs became too heavy for me to handle,” he captioned a photo of a silver coin that reads, “To thine own self be true” and has the engraved words “unity, service, recovery.”

Although he’s achieved one year of sobriety, Biggs admitted that it’s been a battle: “Turns out this s— is hard.”

“After some fits and starts, I’ve managed to put together one year of sobriety,” Biggs said. “I’m as proud of it as anything in my life.”

The actor concluded by encouraging those who are also battling addiction to not give up.

“If you’re struggling, know there’s help,” the star wrote. “Don’t be ashamed. We can do this. 💪🙏.”

And Biggs isn’t the only one celebrating. Wife Jenny Mollen shared her own sweet post on Instagram. honoring her husband’s milestone.

“So proud of my husband today,” the actress captioned a photo of Biggs giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Congrats baby. I know how hard you work.”

“I see you. I love you,” continued Mollen, 39. “Thank you for your fight. 🍣🍣🍣🍣 (the sushi is us btw).”

Earlier this year, the couple, who has been married for a decade, chatted with PEOPLE Now about their children and how their relationship has changed since becoming parents. (They share sons Sid, 4, and Lazlo, 1.)

” ‘At this point in our marriage, the sexiest thing she can do for me is … ‘ ” Mollen read from a card addressed to her husband.

“Oh, take the kids and leave for a couple hours,” Biggs joked without missing a beat.

Mollen agreed, laughing: “Oh God, yeah. I think just leave me alone.”

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