Jared Padalecki Says It Was 'Awesome' Working with Wife Genevieve on 'Walker' : 'I Showed Her Off'

The Walker season finale airs Thursday on The CW

Genevieve Padalecki; Jared Padalecki
Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

For Jared Padalecki, getting to work on his action drama series Walker after months of quarantine in 2020 had an added bonus — being on set with his wife, actress Genevieve.

"Being able to show her off to the cast and crew was awesome," says Padalecki, 39, who plays a Texas Ranger in the CW reboot of the 90s series, which airs its season finale Thursday. Genevieve, 40, plays his late wife on the show.

Genevieve Padalecki and Jared Padalecki
Genevieve and Jared Padalecki. Phillip Chin/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Working together was in fact how the parents of three met in 2008, when Genevieve had a guest-starring role on Padalecki's show Supernatural, which aired its series finale in 2020.

"She sacrificed so much while I was in Vancouver [shooting Supernatural]," says Padalecki of Genevieve, whom he wed in 2010. "She was home a lot with the kids, changing diapers and making lunches. So getting her back out with people with similar passions and interests was awesome to see. It's good to flex those muscles again!"

Padalecki is also flexing his executive producer muscles on Walker.

"It's like a puzzle," he says of watching various edits, cuts and casting videos. "I don't casually watch the show — I have a job to do. But I love it!"

The Walker season finale airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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