September 16, 2016 08:50 PM

Jared Haibon “would never have gone” on season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise if he knew Ashley Iaconetti was going to be there.

After she unsuccessfully vied for his heart on season 2 of the Bachelor and Bachelorette spin-off series, Haibon did not expect the 28-year-old to make a return on season 3 in an attempt to win over his affections for a second time.

“If I had any idea that Ashley was coming into Paradise, even if it was a small percentage, to either be with me or get over me, I would never have gone to Paradise. So I think that was one of the things I was most frustrated by,” Haibon, 27, told Huffington Post about what he was most frustrated by on the ABC series.

Haibon revealed that he and Iaconetti discussed the possibility of each of them returning to Paradise prior to saying yes to the third season, but with the intent of both “going for other people.”

“We talked a lot about it. And then she got a phone call about the possibility of her going on, so she was more understanding the more we talked. We both decided that we needed to make this decision individually, and that if we went we would be going for other people. I knew that she had an interest in Wells, and I had mentioned Caila to her. … I honestly thought everything was gonna be OK,” he continued.

Despite Haibon having “had a lot of frustrations towards the things Ashley said and did, and discussed her approach and her unwillingness to try to move past myself until Wells came,” he shared that the two “talked through everything” and remain friends.

Although the BiP alum didn’t find love after Paradise with fellow castmate Caila Quinn, he told Huffington Post that the two “are still friends.”

“Once we left the show, I think there was just so much that happened in Paradise that it was very difficult to move past. Even after the show, I think we had a lot of difficult times. There were some nights where it was causing us so much stress to be together in terms of the conversations we had to have, that we didn’t have a strong enough foundation to kind of hold all the weight that was coming down upon us. And that’s what happened,” he said of Quinn.

PEOPLE exclusively reported that Bachelor in Paradise will return for a fourth season sometime in 2017.

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