See Janelle Brown's 2-Year-Old Granddaughter Put on Her Prosthetic Leg Alone in Viral Video

Evie Brush's inspiring moment has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people

See Janelle Brown’s Granddaughter Put on Her Prosthetic Leg in Viral Video
Photo: Madison Brush Instagram

Janelle Brown's granddaughter is finding her independence.

A video of Evangalynn "Evie" Kodi Brush putting on her prosthetic leg alone for the first time has the internet applauding her — and has made the Sister Wives star a proud grandma. On Thursday, the well-known Good New Movement Instagram account shared the clip of Evie, 2, that Janelle, 53, reposted with pride.

"When your grandbaby is featured on Good New Movement," she captioned the clip on her Instagram story, adding three heart-eyed emojis.

The video spotlighted Evie's ability to maneuver the parts onto her leg without help from an adult. "This sweet girl puts on her prosthetic herself for the first time. I feel like an older sibling.. and I don't know her," they wrote. "So proud! You got this! ❣️"

The video has more than 176,000 likes with thousands of comments from inspired viewers.

The video was originally posted by Evie's mom, Maddie Brown Brush, on Instagram. It's not the first time she's shared glimpses into Evie's life with a prosthetic leg. In January 2021, she uploaded a spa day video in which she painted Evie's prosthetic toenails.

See Janelle Brown’s Granddaughter Put on Her Prosthetic Leg in Viral Video
Madison Brush Instagram

"I put this on my stories, but I also felt it needed to be shared on my main feed! This is our life!" she captioned the video. "It's normal, but not normal. I found myself asking if it was even ok to paint the toes of her prosthetic. So weird that I felt I needed to ask.... But I guess it's somewhat normal. How do you navigate, how do you make her feel normal, but also not invalidated."

Evie was diagnosed with a congenital abnormality called oligodactyly before she was born. In utero, Evie was expected to be missing a finger, but a few other limbs were affected. She was missing a thumb and a toe, and one leg was missing a fibula (commonly known as the calf bone) and also had a bowed tibia (shinbone). The reason appeared to be fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia and oligosyndactyly (FATCO) syndrome.

Janelle has shared a little about her relationship with Evie and grandson Axel James Brush, 5. "Everything they say about being a grandparent is so true," Janelle captioned and Instagram photo with Evie. "Who knew?!?!"

"Evie is so sweet," she continued. "She always insists on giving me a bite of whatever she is eating."

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