"I'm really lucky that I have a career that lets me explore outlets for my creativity and different mediums," the singer said

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Britney Spears isn’t the only pop princess who’s thrilled to appear in the upcoming season of Jane the Virgin.

“I was really excited! They called me randomly,” Kesha, 28, exclusively tells PEOPLE. “I was finally supposed to have a day off because I hadn’t had one in three weeks, and they called me and they were like, ‘Can you do this audition?’ And I was like, ‘Ugh, today’s my day off.’ And they said, ‘Oh, it’s for Jane the Virgin.’ And I said, ‘Oh yeah, f— yeah.’

The singer/songwriter, who announced in September that she would be appearing in season 2, says her audition was far from nerve-racking.

“I’m just used to making an ass of myself in front of people,” says Kesha, 28. “I feel like most auditions, at least for comedy, is just seeing how much of an ass you’re willing to make of yourself. If you’re willing to go the distance, then you usually get the job!”

Having battled personal struggles in the past, Kesha is grateful to have a career that allows her to focus on the positive.

“I’m really lucky that I have a career that lets me explore outlets for my creativity and different mediums,” she says.

Though Kesha says that music is her “first love,” she admits acting and the challenges that come with it can be difficult.

“It’s challenging for me because I’m used to standing behind a song. I spend a lot of time writing my songs,” explains the “Crazy Kids” singer-singwriter. “I go over and over them and they can take me weeks to write. In acting, you’re actually delivering lines someone else has written, which is different for me because I write all my own music. You’re putting yourself in a character that you haven’t created. Like in my music, I’ve created the character that I portray. And then this, you’re trying to portray someone else’s character that they’ve created, which is really fun and exciting.”

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