By People Staff
Updated October 02, 2007 12:00 AM
Credit: Photo: Charles Harris/AdMedia

Jane Seymour‘s 92-year-old mother, Mieke Frankenberg, passed away in England on Monday due to complications from a stroke she suffered earlier this year, Seymour’s rep tells PEOPLE.

Seymour, who has made a splash on this season’s Dancing with the Stars, will miss tonight’s live results show as she is currently en route to England to be with her family and attend funeral services.

“My mother survived incredible challenges… her health issues that she never complained about… .three and half years in a Japanese concentration camp in World War II and the loss of her husband John who was the love of her life,” Seymour said in a statement Tuesday. “However, she was always a beacon of love and hope for all she met and especially for my sisters Anne and Sally and for our entire family. Her spirit was indomitable and will continue to live forever in our hearts.” The 56-year-old actress told PEOPLE in August that a big reason she decided to take the DWTS challenge was because it was her mother’s favorite show.

“The only show she would never miss, apart from Dr. Quinn, was Dancing with the Stars,” Seymour said. “I told my mother on the phone that I was going to do this and she hadn’t spoken or even said wa wa wa or even had interest in living for quite a while. And she suddenly went, ‘wa wa wa wa wa!’

“My sister was holding the phone to her ear and she said, ‘My gosh, Jane, she’s trying to say something and she’s got this big smile on her face. I haven’t seen her this excited.’ So I said, ‘Mommy, I want you to know I’ve decided to do this and I love you very much and I just hope that you’ll be proud of me.’ And she went ‘yes!’ That’s the first word she’s spoken since the stroke. Since then she’s started drinking and eating… bizarre as it may seem, she’s my secret angel and I’m going to do this for me and for her.” –Monica Rizzo

Photo: Charles Harris/AdMedia