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October 25, 2007 12:00 AM

Jane Seymour freely admits she’s walking on air this season on Dancing With the Stars–just not during the dances themselves.

Seymour posted an item on her blog Thursday addressing judge Carrie Ann Inaba‘s controversial claim that Seymour broke the rules on the Oct. 15 show by letting her feet leave the ground during a dance with Tony Dovolani.

“When Carrie Ann started talking about a lift, I thought, this is ridiculous,” Seymour writes. “Needless to say, I was upset about that because I had worked really hard to make sure my feet were on the ground.” Seymour believes Inaba may have been critiquing a different dance altogether.

“What happens is the judges watch the dress rehearsals. … That’s how they come up with their comments,” she writes. “In the dress rehearsal, yes my foot did come off the ground, maybe an inch, certainly slightly more than it did on the actual performance. So I think Carrie Ann was kind of looking at that and realizing she was going to make an issue of this point with other later on. I just got the brunt of it.”

Still, she insists there are no hard feelings. “I made a point of going up to Carrie Ann and giving her a big hug and thanking her profusely for putting Tony and I in the spotlight,” Seymour writes. “We’re all friends, so anyone that feels badly about what Carrie Ann did, it’s so over.”

Seymour’s comments came a day after Mark Cuban blogged about becoming the fifth celebrity cut from the show. Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, said he was grateful for every moment and every emotion of competing–the fear, the excitement and the uncertainty.

“I hate to lose,” Cuban wrote. “Fortunately, I didn’t. Even though I didn’t get the votes to stay on as long as I hoped for, I won in every single way possible.”

Photo: Charles Harris/AdMedia; Fitzroy Barrett/Landov

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