Jane Fonda Regales a Red-Faced Savannah Guthrie with Stories About Sex Toys on 'Grace and Frankie'

Savannah Guthrie tried her best to keep the conversation about Grace and Frankie's new season PG on Friday's Today, but the show's outspoken star Jane Fonda wasn't having it

Savannah Guthrie tried her best to keep the conversation about Grace and Frankie‘s new season PG, but the show’s outspoken star Jane Fonda wasn’t having it.

On Friday’s Today, Fonda and Lily Tomlin swung by to promote season 3 of their acclaimed Netflix show about two former rivals who forge a friendship after their husbands leave them for each other.

But when the topic of the two character’s new sex toy business came up, Guthrie got gun-shy.

“Normally this would be the section of the interview where I would say what is the premise of season 3 — what are you selling?” the 45-year-old mother of two said, after a clip from the show played. “But I can’t think of a PG way to describe what you’re selling.”

“It’s a morning show! Kids are eating their cereal right now!” she stressed.


Fonda, 79, wasn’t afraid to address the issue head-on, joking the kids at home have “probably gone to school already”.

“At the end of season 2, someone gives us presents and my present is a vibrator,” she said to the embarrassment of Guthrie and co-host Carson Daly. “Grace has never used a vibrator before — she ends up with carpal tunnel syndrome. And our families make fun of us, so we say we’re going to go into business … making vibrators for older women.”

This being Grace and Frankie, the two don’t see eye to eye at first.

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“The problem is, Grace is a real business woman,” Fonda said of her character. “[Frankie] can’t add up her checkbook. And she’s into vaginal lubrication, which she makes out of yams which I had thought was jam and put on my toast! She keeps raising the wrong subject because I want to push with the vibrators.”

But eventually they settle on the perfect product for the older female population. “The direction prints are large so we can see them, the on and off buttons glow in the dark, the tip of them moves easy so you don’t have to wreck your wrist,” Fonda explained. “It’s good for your neck … back pain ….”

Ultimately the season sets out to show the older female population is still a viable market and they still have sex. “Sometimes by themselves,” Fonda pointed out, “That’s the point!”

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By then Guthrie and Daly were all laughs, with Guthrie saying, “We have only ourselves to blame.”

“We had an hour meeting about this yesterday,” Daly revealed, saying the Today team want to delicately take on the issue.

Elsewhere in the interview, Fonda and Tomlin joked about their off-screen friendship — which they say greatly mirrors their on-screen personalities. “Fortunately we have a good time and we are very, very different,” Fonda said. “So that part is reflected in the show. Grace is really kind of smart and organizes and she has her act together—”

“And I’m very intuitive, very artistic, very creative,” Tomlin chipped in, “just goes with the cosmic flow.”

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That doesn’t mean the life-long pals don’t tease one another sometimes — according to Tomlin, Fonda “uses her iPhone sitting up and absolutely erect.”

Joked Fonda, “I have good posture! At least I know how to use an iPhone.”

They’re polar opposites when it comes to fitness, despite Fonda and her trainer Mary’s best efforts.

“We set up a gym that Mary organized for the two of us and guess who is the only one in there,” Fonda said, teasing Tomlin. “She dropped out after three days. But she is so strong this one — she really is. ”

Grace and Frankie season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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