October 18, 2007 12:00 AM

Fans may remember actress Elizabeth Reaser from last season’s Grey’s Anatomy. Her character was tragically disfigured after a ferry accident. During the course of her treatment, Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) fell for her, even nicknaming her Ava. And while they didn’t get together–she left with her husband–something juicy’s bound to happen this season. “Ava has returned to see Alex,” Reaser told TV Guide recently. (She has signed on for “an undisclosed” amount of episodes beginning Oct. 25). Continued Reaser: “She can’t help herself–which is a pretty bold move considering where we left off.”

In fact, her character (whose real name is Rebecca) is back on her feet and looking pretty gorgeous. So, is that enough to entice Dr. Karev? Executive producer Krista Vernoff told TV Guide simply, “He is incredibly happy to see Ava.” And Chambers echoes those feelings. “I love Ava, and Elizabeth is an amazing actress,” Chambers said. “She’s not something precious that can crack, and that makes it a lot more fun to play off her.”

So tell us: Are you looking forward to next week’s long-awaited Alex and Rebecca reunion? –Brian Orloff


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