August 22, 2017 03:11 PM

Jamie-Lynn Sigler‘s brother is still making her laugh — from the after-life.

On an upcoming episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the actress and expectant mom gets a visit from her eldest brother, Adam.

“He’s coming across so funny,” Henry tells Sigler and her close friend, singer Lance Bass, in a preview clip. “This individual would be someone who would always make people laugh and would always basically be the center of attention.”

Immediately, both Sigler and Bass identify the spirit communicating with Henry as Adam, who died suddenly in 2014 after slipping into a coma following a massive brain hemorrhage.

“I wish you could plug a chord in and see what’s coming through,” says Henry. “Because it comes across in such a funny way.”

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Sigler, 36, confirms that her brother, who was a stockbroker, “liked to make people laugh.”

She adds, “He liked to just be inappropriate and make people uncomfortable.”

In fact, Sigler says her brother’s own passion for making home movies as a child is “probably how I got into acting.”

Bass is less than surprised by Adam’s arrival, noting to Sigler, “I mean, he’s chomping at the bit to talk to you as much as he can. It was just really nice to see. I feel like he was there with us, you know?”

“To really feel that he got the essence of who my brother was was so confirming,” adds Sigler. “And it was special.”

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on E!

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