James Van Der Beek Reveals He's Never Seen the 'Dawson's Creek'  Finale & Spills the Origin of 'Varsity Blues' ' Best Line

James Van Der Beek gets candid about how deep-diving Dawson's Creek nostalgia isn't exactly his favorite pastime

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Wondering what James Van Der Beek thinks of the Dawson’s Creek finale? Don’t hold your breath!

The 40-year-old actor visited the Allegedly podcast and got candid about how deep-diving Dawson’s Creek nostalgia isn’t exactly his favorite pastime, saying, “With fans, I never mind it. With friends, once in a while there’s stories that pop up.”

When it comes to press, the What Would Diplo Do? star admitted, it starts to get on his nerves — especially when he’s promoting his current work. Recounting one extremely awkward interview in London, Van Der Beek said, “They wanted to talk to me about something I hadn’t done for 15 years. That’s when I feel a responsibility to promote the thing that I’m trying to promote.”

That’s when things got a little bit heated. “They totally lied to me. I sat there and they did this weird intro and it was one of the those moments like, ‘Do I sit here and fake it?’ And I was incapable of faking it. I just couldn’t f—ing fake it anymore. And he was asking me a question that I’d been answering for the last 20 years.”

Van Der Beek ended up reminding the hosts of the British morning show: “I have been on television the last 20 years. I just want to let you know.”

And though he has mixed feelings about delving too deeply into his past, the father of four did indulge some burning Creek questions.

Asked about a reboot, he said, “That’s the question that the answer hasn’t changed in 15 years. If you’re really curious, you can Google it.” (The answer, by the way, is a solid probably not.)

Van Der Beek said he feels some distance from the show as a creative project, adding that his thoughts on it “are kind of irrelevant. I’m not as invested in that because it was something that I did, not something that I wrote. I was a part of it. I felt like a passenger on the whole thing.”

The most surprising part of it all? “I’ve never even seen the last episode,” shared Van Der Beek.

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Van Der Beek also shared the origin story of one of the most quotable lines from another late ’90s classic in which he starred: The famous zinger in question came from Jon Voight‘s character Coach Kilmer.

“The team’s practicing. Jon Voight is there for the first day. And I walk into my trailer and I’ve got the wrong helmet. I’ve got lineman shoulder pads and pants with no pads in them. Where is my stuff?” Van Der Beek began. So, they took him off the field for his first scene with Voight and swapped in his stunt double, Peter Gardere.

“And he’s running past Jon Voight and he’s like ‘Come on, Moxon!’ And he’s screaming at Peter Gardere and Peter doesn’t know what to do, he just kinda smiles.” That’s when Voight dropped the classic line: “And Jon goes, ‘Keep smiling, s—head!’ ”

And thus a legend was born.

What Would Diplo Do? premieres Aug. 3 on Viceland.

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