Pastore talks about Gandolfini, who passed away over two years ago, at the premiere of Staten Island Summer

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

As Vincent Pastore knows all too well, time cannot heal all wounds. Over two years after his Sopranos costar James Gandolfini died suddenly at age 51, Pastore still thinks of his friend frequently.

“I think about Jimmy every day,” Pastore told PEOPLE on Tuesday night at the premiere of Staten Island Summer, the Netflix comedy that Saturday Night Live funnyman Colin Jost penned.

“I’ve got Jimmy’s watch,” he added, putting out his wrist to show off his timepiece. “Yeah, Jimmy gave me this.”

Though Gandolfini is gone, the award-winning HBO megahit that turned him and Pastore into stars continues to gain fans and stay relevant in the pop cultural lexicon.

“I was just doing a play, and a lot of people were telling me they watch The Sopranos now for the first time. And you kind of feel like Spock, you know? This show has lived so long that generation after generation are watching it,” said Pastore, who played mobster Salvatore Bonpensiero on the show.

Long after the HBO series ended in 2007, Pastore noted that “it’s pretty endearing to see that that show has sustained.”