December 21, 2017 04:36 PM

This story originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly.

It’s just as Cecily Strong says, Christmas season is like the Super Bowl for the Hallmark channel.

In a sketch cut for time from James Franco’s latest episode of Saturday Night Live, the star of The Disaster Artist spoofs all those Hallmark Christmas movies as Chris Bearstick, a Canadian actor forced to star in such films like Yes, Santa (about a young Santa Claus falling in love with a woman whose boyfriend works too much) and Prince Santa (about an ice skater who gets amnesia and ends up marrying a prince who’s also young Santa).

“It’s quantity over quality, people, and we are just blasting your ass with these,” Strong says in voiceover.

It’s funny ’cause these fake titles and premises aren’t that far off from actual Hallmark Christmas movies, such as A Christmas Prince (an actual Hallmark movie), With Love, Christmas (another real-life Hallmark movie), and Switched for Christmas (you get the idea).

Watch the sketch in the video above.

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