James Corden on Working with Disclosure, His Dream Carpool Karaoke Crew and How 'Very Proud' He Is of One Direction

The One Direction boys "haven't changed" since they became famous, The Late Late Show host tells PEOPLE

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James Corden is living his best – and very busy! – life.

In addition to hosting The Late Late Show five nights a week in which he dances, sings and interviews several celebs at the same time, Corden is executive-producing hit British sibling duo Disclosure’s Sept. 29 concert at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

Corden, 37, tells PEOPLE he is “honored” to be working on the concert, which is part of American Express’ music series, American Express Unstaged in partnership with Vevo and YouTube.

“I think they’re terrific, and I was at home at the point when they sort of broke through,” Corden said of his fellow Brits Howard and Guy Lawrence (ages 21 and 24, respectively), who make up the electronic music duo.

“They don’t feel as young as they are. They’re very serious about what they do and I think the way different artists gravitate towards them speaks volumes about who they are,” adds Corden of the pair, who have collaborated with top artists like Sam Smith.

The concert will be streamed live at amexunstaged.com starting at 9 p.m. PT, as well as via the Unstaged app – which boasts a fun feature that allows fans to create their own personalized version of the famous “Disclosure Face” featured on their album covers. Watch a trailer for Corden’s short documentary on Disclosure, exclusive to PEOPLE, below:

Corden has quite the musical background himself, and the late-night host often incorporates music into his show – in particular, with his now-famous Carpool Karaoke segments, in which he drives around Los Angeles with a celebrity artist, singing along to their songs.

“When you make a show like this, you just have to kind of pull on as many things as you’ve got in your locker to try and make it as interesting and different as it can be every night,” says Corden of his efforts to keep the show unique.

Corden has cruised around with the likes of Justin Bieber, Rod Stewart and Stevie Wonder – but he says at first, it wasn’t easy to convince celebrities to agree to do the segment.

“We’d go out to a lot of artists, and people didn’t really understand what it was and didn’t want to do it,” Corden says. “And then it was just a chance meeting with Mariah Carey that convinced her to do it.” (Carey was his first Carpool Karaoke star.)

And who would be his dream star to have crooning along in the passenger seat?

“Oh man, it’s endless,” Corden says. “I’d love to do it with Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith. You just want people that have got a lot of songs, that’s what makes it so incredible. It’s harder picking out the songs that you’re going to leave out.”

On his show, Corden employs a rather unorthodox (on this side of the pond, at least) method of interviewing two to three guests at the same time.

“The challenge is that I don’t think that’s how talk shows have necessarily been done here before, and so the biggest thing was convincing people that this is a good way to do things,” Corden says. “But now, it’s such a lovely thing when you get guests come on the show and they go, ‘Oh, I love this!’ – it’s just such a more informal atmosphere, and it leads to a more organic conversation.”

Corden’s group interview style has yielded hilarious results, including one episode in which Corden, Bradley Cooper and Jake McDorman pressure Andrew Garfield to let his hair – which is tucked into a bun – flow free.

“It made it a more vibrant atmosphere,” Corden says of having the two other actors on stage for the moment Garfield dramatically let his hair down. “And it’s great when you have a connection with someone, it just makes for a more refreshing interview.”

Garfield, 32, also happens to be his good friend. “I feel very lucky that I get to spend my days talking to people who I think are unbelievably talented,” Corden says.

And Corden’s star-studded group of friends doesn’t stop there: The host is very close with the boys of One Direction and even vacationed with Harry Styles for his birthday a couple of years ago (cue fan-girling).

As for strikes him the most about the boys, Corden says it’s that “they haven’t changed.”

“They’ve gotten older, and they’ve gotten richer, but their sensibility of who they are as people feels exactly the same,” Corden says. “It’s an astonishing meteoric rise, their whole life changed – and I’m very, very proud of how they have remained true to who they are.”

The Late Late Show with James Corden airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. ET on CBS.

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