Spot the Celebrity! James Corden Crashes a Fan's House for a Game of Hide and Seek with Colin Farrell, Demi Lovato and More Stars

James Corden decided to shoot Wednesday's episode in a random fan's living room

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

James Corden is thinking out of the box – quite literally.

For Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Late Show – which marked the end of the British comedian’s first year as host – he decided that instead of shooting in the CBS studio, he would bring his show “to the people” and film the entire episode in a random person’s living room.

He packed up his entire crew, and after roaming the streets of Los Angeles (and getting turned down by a few residents!), he stumbled into the home of Natalie and her three friends.

And of course, to his fans’ delight, he also had a few celebrity guests with him: Demi Lovato, Colin Farrell and Wanda Sykes!

To break the ice, Corden, 37, decided a game of hide-and-seek was in order, sending his guests and Natalie off to hide while he counted to 20 in the living room.

Sykes, 52, opted for the most clever hiding spot: in plain sight, by taking the seat of the show’s bandleader and announcer Reggie Watts at the keyboard, right across from Corden himself. Lovato snuck up a flight of stairs into the attic, Farrell concealed himself in a hallway closet and Natalie chose her own bedroom.

Once everyone was hidden, Corden eagerly set out to find them, completely (and hilariously) missing Sykes in the process.

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He found Natalie first, then ventured upstairs to find pop star Lovato, 23. He then strolled back through the living room and exploded up with laughter upon coming face-to-face with Sykes: “Have you been there the whole time? No way. Shut up! You’re joking,” he said in disbelief, as Sykes joked: “Little bit racist!”

The winner ended up being Farrell, 39, who joked he actually felt like the loser: “It’s not as much fun winning! When you win you just feel unloved. You hear all this laughter and you’re in a cupboard, [hiding],” he said with a laugh.

Watch the clip above to see the entire game unfold.

The Late Late Show with James Corden airs weeknights at 12:37 a.m. ET on CBS.

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