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Updated February 16, 2010 12:00 AM
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Hey there!

Gosh! I can’t believe we’re already at week seven. This journey is flying by!

This was such a beautiful episode. St. Lucia is gorgeous and being a beach guy, I was so excited to get to there. I had been to the island several times on cruises, but I never saw the island like this. One thing that I really noticed was how friendly the locals are, making for a great experience.

Let’s start with my date with Gia. We always have so much fun together. I sometimes think about what a mistake I would have made if I had sent her home that very first night — which I almost did. Many speculate that if Ali had not left to go back to work, Gia would have gone home at the rose ceremony in episode six. This is absolutely not true. I had no idea which girl wasn’t getting a rose, and fortunately I never had to make that decision.

I loved that we took that little fishing boat out to sea, and fortunately for me I’ve driven boats all my life, but this small boat was hard to maneuver! And poor Gia, with her beautiful hair, had to endure the rain all day long. We may have spent the day soaking wet, but I think it only added to the romance. One of the funniest moments that happened all season happened on this date. It was later in the day and neither of us had eaten anything. As Gia and I walked the streets we saw this lady selling cooked chicken on an open-air grill. We walked over and I could tell Gia was salivating. That’s when Gia looked to the side of the grill and saw a bunch of chickens. Her smile quickly turned to a frown. Needless to say, we didn’t eat chicken that afternoon. We had such a great date though, and we got to see a really cool side of the island.

Speaking of cool parts of the island, my date with Tenley was breathtaking. Tenley had never flown in a helicopter so it made it all the more special taking her on a two-hour tour. If you ever go to Saint Lucia, this is an absolute must. When the helicopter landed, it was a pretty long walk to the sugarcane mill through the rainforest. I got us lost, but we discovered starfruit, ate it right off of the tree and decided It tastes a lot like a grape! I felt so bad for Tenley though because all during our picnic, little ants were biting her legs … and mine. Our dinner was so romantic and the setting was incredible. Tenley was so affectionate that evening and we kept kissing all through dinner. I don’t even remember if I had one bite of food! As we danced under the gazebo there were bats swooping down catching bugs. It was a little hard to concentrate on just dancing. Lol! It was nice to get back to the cozy fantasy suite with her. We talked all night long.

The pirate ship with Vienna was awesome! We felt like two kids together playing. I’ve never gotten to make someone to walk the plank before but I decided I would dive in right behind her. We realized jumping in was a bad idea when we found ourselves more than 200 yards behind the boat and quickly getting carried away further by a strong current. It was hilarious. Some fisherman came up in a smaller boat and picked us up and brought up back to the pirate ship. Vienna was so funny that day. I love that she makes me laugh.

We had very serious conversation at dinner though. It may sound silly but I really wanted to know what was with all of her car wrecks and if she really understood the value of a dollar. I learned that four of the accidents were not her fault. I’m still not sure if anybody should ever let her borrow their car though!

I was having the most amazing week, really getting to know the women on a much deeper level and then I got the call from Ali. It definitely was not what I was expecting and it broke my heart all over again. Everything about me wanted to tell her, “Come! Come right now!” But she left at a very critical time in this journey. In Los Angeles after she left, I was forced to close off my heart to her. I had to in order to move forward with the three women that I had left — three women that didn’t leave and that I was falling in love with. In order to bring Ali back, I would have had to eliminate two women at the rose ceremony and there was no way I could do that. I was in love with Ali and it was truly unfair that she had to make that decision. I will always love Ali and she will always have a great friend in me. But I believe things happen for a reason. All 26 of us grew and matured dramatically during this journey and I’m confident that Ali grew the most having to go through what she did.

The rose ceremony was awful. I remember not even wanting to go. I felt very protective over Gia and it made me feel about 2-ft. tall breaking her heart. There was nothing wrong with her either. And nothing really wrong with us, so telling her goodbye was very painful. I have had so many wonderful moments during this journey and this was definitely not one of them.

Next week, it’s Women Tell All time! I can’t wait to see how the girls are doing. And Rozlyn will be there! That should be interesting.

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Fly safe everyone! –Jake Pavelka

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