By People Staff
August 20, 2010 01:00 AM
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Jake Pavelka has come a long way since his nasty public breakup over trust issues with ex-fiancé Vienna Girardi. Not only does the former Bachelor star guest star on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva this Sunday, but he’s also in a more relaxed state of mind these days.

Even though Pavelka, 32, believed he’d “absolutely” be with Girardi for life, he tells PEOPLE, “It’s okay; everything happens for a reason.”

In fact, the reality star – and actor – just wants his ex to be happy. “I hope she goes out and breaks a million hearts,” Pavelka told reporters. “I think she’s got some pretty realistic goals in life, and I wish her the absolute best. Hopefully she’ll find that guy she can spend the next 60 years of her life with.”

Pavelka, who says he hasn’t interacted with Girardi since all the drama went down, hopes that over time, he and his ex can even become pals. “I don’t have any hurt feelings over it,” he says. “The whole thing was tragic and it was sad but it happened and . . . it really is okay. We’ll probably let a little bit of time go by, but I’m sure someday our paths will cross and we’ll be friends.”

Unlike Girardi, who just announced she has a new man, Pavelka hasn’t found it as easy tojump back into the dating game. “I’m tip-toeing back over there,” he says. “I haven’t really met anybody that I wanted to date. I guess that goes both ways. You kind of have to meet somebody that wants to date you.

As for right now, Pavelka is focused on his Drop Dead Diva episode. “My character Toby Davlin had similar life experiences, so I could relate,” he says. “It would be difficult having not done The Bachelor to relate to what that guy’s going through, and build a complete character around him. I don’t play myself. It’s not a cameo . . . He’s not a warm, compassionate guy.” – Dahvi Shira