By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 06:48 PM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Tonight on ABC (8 p.m. EST), the 14th installment of The Bachelor begins with Jake Pavelka in the pilot’s seat. The 31-year-old of Denton, Texas, will blog about On the Wings of Love weekly right here on Keep reading for his first entry:

Well hello there all you Bachelor fans!

First, I want to thank you for sending all of the requests and online votes to make me the new Bachelor! Not to mention the that have sent me letters with kind words of advice and encouragement. This experience has meant the world and I still can’t believe it actually happened to me. THANK YOU!!!

Now, the one big question I get about the show: Is it real?

Yes, it is very real and it all starts with the casting. The producers really go out of their way. Several meetings with casting, producers and other professionals took place before we started. The crew learned all about my character and temperament to find exactly what I’m looking for in a life partner. We looked at what had worked for me in the past, what had caused past relationships to fail and by the time it was over, they knew me better than I did. The casting department and producers did such a thorough job selecting the women for me that it made ALL the rose ceremonies awful!

Another question I get: Does the show edit and produce all the drama?

You could have 25 Mother Teresas living on top of each other in a house and there would be some sort of drama. Personalities just clash sometimes. It’s healthy human nature, BUT, I can assure you, it causes some pretty rocky situations for me this season! Regarding editing, I feel like everyone last season came across as who they really were. Unfortunately, sometimes when one sees oneself on TV being oneself, it can be a little shocking, but if you would ask any of their peers, 99 times out of a 100 they would say, “Yeah, that’s them alright.” Take David and Wes from The Bachelorette last season — both gentlemen had VERY true and accurate edits.

Well, as I said in the beginning, I’m not going through this to make a television show. I am looking for love. Luckily for you there were lots of cameras around recording my sometimes embarrassing dating habits. LOL!

I would say sit back relax and enjoy the show, but you better put your seatbelt on for this season. It’s going to be a very bumpy ride!

And yes! Flying is still the safest means of transportation.

BE SAFE and have a wonderful New Year! –JakeCraig Sjodin/ABC