Each year, Gyllenhaal's dad would break out the spandex and boxes and make his kids some unusual costumes

Still looking for a last-minute Halloween costume?

Jake Gyllenhaal has a few … interesting ideas.

The Nightcrawler actor stopped by Conan on Thursday and revealed some of his more awkward Halloween outfits.

Gyllenhaal told host Conan O’Brien that his dad wasn’t a fan of conventional store-bought costumes, so when Halloween came around, his father pulled out some spandex and cardboard and got creative.

“One year, I was a cranberry juice box,” said the star, 33.

The unusual Halloween creations didn’t stop there. Gyllenhaal confessed there was one homemade costume that embarrassed him more than the rest.

“The ultimate one he did, was I was a house one year,” he told the host.

While we’re sure little Gyllenhaal raised the roof in his handmade house costume, the actor said all he ever wanted to be on Halloween was a superhero.

Pay extra close attention to the Supermans and Batmans you meet tonight, ladies.

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