Jimmy Fallon brought back his soap opera series during Friday night's episode of The Tonight Show

There’s nothing that more aptly describes the current coronavirus pandemic than Jimmy Fallon’s soap opera series: The Longest Days of Our Lives.

Fallon debuted “Chapter 3” of the bit — a parody of NBC’s Days of Our Lives — on The Tonight Show Friday night. The Longest Days of Our Lives stars Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell, but Friday’s installment also featured appearances from Jake Gyllenhaal and soap opera stars Heather Locklear, Susan Lucci, Maurice Benard and Mary Beth Evans.

The four-minute clip is primarily filled with dramatized gasps from each of the guests and, like all good soaps, it contains a pregnancy scandal. “I got pregnant on Zoom,” Vanessa (Wiig) announces to her lover Fontaine (Ferrell) and his long lost brother Winston (Fallon). “Which means…”

“The baby might be mine!” Fontaine says.

Jimmy Fallon
Credit: NBC

“Apparently when you're pregnant on Zoom, you really zoom through the pregnancy," Vanessa later announces before introducing her new child to his potential fathers.

Jake Gyllenhaal — the “baby” —suddenly appears on screen in a blonde wig and greets the men.

“Hello, Daddies. I’m Blake. And yes, I’m big already. I’m zooming right through my own life,” he says. “And you both missed my big game, and my big recital, and my graduation.”

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In the dramatic ending, Gyllenhaal chases after Fallon through different Zoom backgrounds and eventually stabs him. The other characters and guest stars, respond to the murder with a hilarious series of soap opera gasps.

"Winston!" Wiig exclaims. "Now we'll never know who the father is!"

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