Jaimie Alexander Says Her 'Blindspot' Tattoos Aren't Hurting Her Skin: 'If I Had That Many Bruises, the Other Person Would Be Dead'

Jaimie Alexander's body is completely covered with faux ink for her role as Blindspot's Jane Doe

Photo: D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Jaimie Alexander‘s Blindspot tattooing process may be grueling, but it’s not dangerous.

Shutting down reports that her faux-ink was making her ill, Alexander revealed at the PEOPLE & Entertainment Weekly Upfronts party in New York on Monday that recent pictures of discolored marks on her back were the result of a sunburn – not anything to do with her fake tattoos.

“I have a sunburn because I just went on an amazing vacation in Mexico,” Alexander, 32, said. “It’s so funny. The cool thing was, I have sunblock, of course, and I was trying to hurry, because I’m impatient. And I have sunblock and I literally put my hand over my shoulder. And I have a hand print [surrounded by] sunburn on my back and a thumbprint on my chest.”

She continued, “What happened was, I thought, ‘Oh, I should probably cover these with makeup.’ But the problem was, the wrong kind of makeup was used and it looked like I had bruises. If I had that many bruises, the other person would be dead.”

Alexander, who portrays Jane Doe – a woman completely covered in mysterious ink – on the NBC series, previously revealed that three tattoo artists get her camera-ready over the course of seven hours.

She told PEOPLE that she “would not be wearing [the tattoos] on the show if they were bad.”

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While being tatted up requires more patience than research, Alexander said she’s also only relying on her instincts to play a character with amnesia.

“I figured the less I know the better off I am,” the actress said. “I’ve just been sort of winging it.”


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