Jaime King and Kyle Newman will share temporary joint legal custody of their two sons until their next court hearing, according to court documents
Jaime King and Kyle Newman
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Along with her divorce petition filed on May 18, the actress filed a domestic violence prevention petition that includes allegations of verbal and emotional abuse against Newman. She also claims Newman — who has been staying in Pennsylvania during the coronavirus pandemic — is withholding their sons, James Knight, 6, and Leo Thames, 4, from her.

Newman has responded with his own series of allegations that King has engaged in reckless behaviors that have endangered the children.

In the documents obtained by PEOPLE, King, 41, claims the couple have been struggling for five-and-a-half years. Newman "berated me ... told me I was a terrible person and a terrible mother," she claims in the documents.

King also claims Newman has "appeared at a friend's house ... screaming and harassing me, chased me in his car, isolated me from friends, professional contacts, and employers by telling them lies about me, staged a fake intervention to force me into confinement," and is now refusing to "return our children to their home in Los Angeles."

King — who says in the documents that she traveled to Pennsylvania in an attempt to retrieve their sons — also alleges she's lived in "fear," and that Newman, 44, went to "efforts to demean and isolate" her.

King claims in the documents that Newman staged an "intervention" in mid-January at their home after telling loved ones she was struggling with addiction issues.

King says in the documents that she gave in and agreed to go to the treatment facility, where she could prove she wasn't using drugs. After undergoing testing at the facility, King claims no drugs or alcohol were found in her system and she was sent home after a couple days.

King alleges in the documents that she informed Newman she wanted a divorce in February. According to her filing, Newman flew to Calgary — where she was working on her Netflix series Black Summer — with their sons, but he became angry after she refused to spend time alone with him.

King claims in her filing that Newman "demeaned and berated" her in a "crowded lunch room," as well as in front of their sons. He also allegedly told her colleagues she would kill herself by using drugs and alcohol; King claims in the documents that she was "on time" to work every day and was "always professional."

"I have suffered the most confusing trauma-filled experiences involving emotional manipulation and gaslighting caused by Respondent," she says in her filing. "I am afraid of, and feel anxious and sick to my stomach at every encounter with Respondent."

Meanwhile, Newman filed his own ex parte request Friday morning. In his filing, he calls King "a chronic drug addict and alcoholic who refuses to acknowledge that she has a problem, let alone seek meaningful treatment for such problem."

He also claims these alleged issues have affected her ability as a parent, and that he was told by "several friends" that King was drinking and using opiates while pregnant with son James. He also claims she used drugs while pregnant with Leo, saying they found out at her 20-week prenatal appointment  that "our unborn child was also addicted due to her continued drug use."

"We found out at that same appointment that Leo Thames had a congenital heart defect and would need surgery to survive as soon as he was born," Newman says in his declaration. "I was devastated."

Newman's filing describes other concerning alleged incidents of King "driving under the influence with [their sons] in the car, becoming so intoxicated in front of them that they thought their mother was dying, and abandoning them for days at a time to get drunk and high instead of care for them. At one point, Jaime left Leo Thames at his doctor’s appointment with the nanny, only to be found over a half hour later at the liquor store across the street buying a bottle of alcohol."

Jaime King and Kyle Newman
Jaime King and Kyle Newman
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His filings continue: "Immediately thereafter, Jaime refused to let the nanny buckle Leo Thames in his carseat, insisting that Jaime do it herself. Jaime failed to buckle Leo Thames in, failed to close his car door, then took off down San Vicente at 60 mph with Leo Thames, then approximately two years old, hanging out of the side of the speeding vehicle. The nanny and a pedestrian who witnessed the event screamed at Jaime to stop the car, which she was fortunately able to do before a true tragedy occured. This is only one harrowing event among many that Jaime has subjected the children to throughout their lives due to her uncontrolled substance abuse."

Newman claims that he "reached his limit" in January, when he claims King "resumed taking opiates" and "drinking even more heavily," "disappearing from the family home for up to days at a time." He confirms the attempt at an intervention but claims, "Jaime's addiction predictably devolved as she abandoned her family for the real loves of her life – pills and booze." He also claims that King admitted to "having an affair" while working in Canada.

According to Newman's filing, King — accusing her husband of "stealing" the boys — "became enraged" and "threatened" Newman.

He also denies King's allegations of abuse.

"I have never laid a hand on Jaime nor would I," he says in his declaration. "In the past, threats of a legal and public battle on Jaime’s part would cause me to back down as I have never had any desire to fight her. I have only wanted to love and support her, and keep our family safe. But now that Jamie has filed such a fictitious declaration with the court, and is seeking to have unmonitored custody of our boys, I have finally reached a place where I cannot let her threats against me stop me from doing what is in the best interest of our children, who are the most important thing in the world to me. Jaime is a drug addict, alcoholic, and is not capable of caring for our children. It is essential for their safety that they not be left with Jaime unsupervised."

The judge denied both of Newman and King's requests, meaning the children will physically remain with Newman in Pennsylvania until a non-emergency hearing can take place.

In response to Newman's filing, King's rep tells PEOPLE exclusively, "This is another vicious, failed attempt of Kyle to continue his abuse of Jaime and manipulate the court system.  Today Kyle was denied all requests for emergency orders and the judge granted Jaime shared legal custody of their two children. The temporary domestic violence restraining order remains in place to protect Jaime."

King and Newman met on the set of the film Fanboys, which Newman directed. They tied the knot in 2007 at the Greystone Park and Manor in Los Angeles, which also marked site of their first date more than a year prior to the ceremony.

“I don’t know why, but some part of me was instantly connected to him, and I loved him so much,” King told InStyle Weddings at the time. “It was intense. I never thought that would happen to me.”