WATCH: 'Jane the Virgin' 's Jaime Camil Steps into Richard Gere's Shoes as Billy Flynn in 'Chicago: The Musical'

The actor will star in the Broadway production of the famous musical through July 3

Photo: Greg Gayne/The CW

It may not be the Las Vegas residency his Jane the Virgin character would love to rub in Britney Spears‘ face, but Jaime Camil is feeling pretty good about joining the cast of the Broadway revival of Chicago: The Musical.

“I love theater. That’s what I did in Mexico City,” Camil says of his acting career before being cast as Gina Rodriguez’s father in the CW dramedy. “I did a lot of musical theater and it’s where my heart is.”

Camil has joined the Broadway production as Billy Flynn, the slick lawyer famously portrayed by Richard Gere in the 2002 film version of the musical.

And PEOPLE has exclusive footage of two musical numbers from Camil’s opening night.

“This limited engagement arrived beautifully because it’s during my hiatus from Jane the Virgin, so it worked out perfectly,” says Camil, who can be seen in the musical through July 3. “I’m happy to be here. It makes me very happy to be on stage.”

Many actors have stepped into the role that was originated by Law & Order‘s Jerry Orbach in the 1975 Broadway production, but Camil has a pretty good idea what will make his interpretation unique.

“It’s probably the humor,” he says.

Camil stars in Chicago: The Musical at Ambassador Theatre in New York City through July 3.

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