"I'll try to stay in there for as long as I possibly can," Jaden Smith says in a YouTube video before entering the chamber

By Ashley Boucher
September 02, 2020 10:42 PM
Jaden Smith
| Credit: youtube

Jaden Smith was recently way more chill than he usually is.

Smith, 22, endured a very long cryotherapy session in a video shared on YouTube Wednesday.

In the video, Smith steps into the chamber — in which he was exposed to freezing temperatures from liquid nitrogen — for an impressive full three minutes. The employee tells Smith that many professional athletes can't make it one minute, let alone three, in the below-freezing chamber.

"I'll try to stay in there for as long as I possibly can," Smith says in the video before entering the chamber, dressed in swim trunks and gloves to prevent frostbite.

Jaden Smith
| Credit: youtube

After enduring three very long minutes, Smith holds his hands over his head triumphantly before finally stepping out.

The FDA warns that whole body cryotherapy has not been proven to provide the health benefits that many wellness centers claim it does, and risks include asphyxiation and hypoxia. People who undergo cryotherapy looking for health benefits usually remain in the chamber between two and four minutes.