November 13, 2018 12:10 AM

Jada Pinkett Smith‘s mom is coming clean about her feelings towards one of her daughter’s ex-boyfriends.

During Monday’s episode of Red Table Talk, Adrienne Banfield-Jones revealed she didn’t fully accept Jada’s ex-boyfriend John because he was white.

“It’s really difficult for me because we have white people in our family,” Adrienne explained at the table when she, Jada and her daughter, Willow Smith, discussed the relationship between white and black women.

“I remember you telling me to never let anybody know that,” Jada interjected. “Do you remember that? You said don’t take pride in it.”

Explaining herself, Adrienne admitted her reason for feeling that way stemmed from the way she was raised.

“I repeated what mommy told me, was that you have to learn to get along with white people but don’t ever bring them home,” Adrienne said in reference to her mother and Jada’s grandmother.

Stunned by what her mom had just said, Jada said, “Was that why you had such a problem when I was dating John?”

“Absolutely,” Adrienne promptly responded.

“I had a white boyfriend,” Jada told Willow, 18. “He was really white, I mean really white.”

Adrienne even admitted that she didn’t “give myself an opportunity to even like John” to which Jada said, “[He was a] very nice guy.”

Adrienne Banfield-Jones and Jada Pinkett Smith
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Adrienne also revealed Jada’s ex-boyfriend wasn’t the only white person she gave a hard time.

“Just like I said, we have people in our family [who are white] and I’ve given those people a hard time. Jason is married to a white woman,” Adrienne said of her nephew and his wife Lexi.

“She will tell you we gave her a hard time because we didn’t welcome her with open arms and she really had to prove herself. I feel bad about that,” Adrienne added.

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